• 03/01/2023

The evaporator is key


LIQUI MOLY explains the advantages of having the air conditioning professionally cleaned and what garages must bear in mind

Springtime is when people with allergies suffer most. Pollen make their lives difficult. All the more reason for people suffering from allergies to appreciate the benefits of an air conditioning. However, it can only do its job if it is regularly serviced and also cleaned. Otherwise, the system will just be spreading germs. David Kaiser explains what workshops need to pay attention to when cleaning it. He is the head of the Research and Development department at LIQUI MOLY.

Thorough disinfection is the only way to combat pathogens. This also applies to the air conditioning in the car. “The key element is the evaporator,” David Kaiser says. “Condensation creates a pleasant environment for bacteria and mold, which multiply here and are then catapulted into the passenger compartment by the blowers.” This not only creates an unpleasant odor, but can also trigger allergies. Having the air conditioning professionally cleaned can wipe out this risk.

The evaporator is key

Direct access to the evaporator and being able to clean it is crucial for an effective air conditioning service. Any cleaning methods that do not require direct access to the evaporator are not thorough enough. In modern vehicle models gaining access is usually quite easy via the pollen filter. The first thing to do is dry the evaporator. It is then treated with the A/C System Cleaner (Spray) which reliably eliminates bacteria and mold. At the same time, their remains are rinsed off the evaporator. "You can also spray disinfectant into the ventilation ducts. However, you have to be very careful in terms of dosage here, so that the liquid doesn't just go somewhere where you don't want it to go later," the expert explains. Finally, the evaporator needs to be dried again. That's all it takes to professionally clean the air conditioning!

Being thorough makes the difference

The air conditioning system should be disinfected at least once a year, preferably in spring before the season in which the air conditioning is used most frequently begins. Ideal would be to clean it every six months, i.e. in spring and autumn. Air conditioning cleaners for private car owners are available, however, there is a vast difference to what professionals can do at the garage. "They are more thorough at the garage because they clean the evaporator. Very few car drivers even come into contact with it – and let's not even start to talk about properly cleaning it," David Kaiser emphasizes.

From a single source

LIQUI MOLY offers workshops a complete package that, in addition to disinfectant, spray gun and probe, also includes stickers, brochures and rear-view mirror tags. This helps garages in marketing their services. And LIQUI MOLY offers detailed step-by-step instructions for air conditioning cleaning for more than 30 car brands and hundreds of models free of charge on its website.

Air Conditioner Cleaning Set

“Those of us who prefer not to have their air conditioning professionally cleaned at the garage can also help themselves,” says the head of development and refers to the air-conditioning cleaner for cars. This is a disinfection spray with a long probe that is sprayed directly onto the evaporator. The advantage: This type of cleaning can be carried out by the expert car owners themselves. The disadvantage: It comes nowhere near having the air conditioning professionally cleaned at the garage. LIQUI MOLY offers a further product for car owners if you merely want to combat unpleasant odors in the vehicle: Climate Refresh It is easy to use and eliminates unpleasant odors in ventilation ducts within a few minutes.

Hardly any extra work generates more income

Anyone opting for an air-conditioning service with the LIQUI MOLY product at the garage chooses a thoroughly cleaned evaporator. Other manufacturers offer ultrasonic or foam cleaning methods. "In both cases, germs are also eliminated, but in our case they are also rinsed off the evaporator. By contrast, if the eliminated bacteria remain on the evaporator, they form a great breeding ground for the next bacterial infestation. In our eyes, that is not proper cleaning," the LIQUI MOLY expert says. And if, for example, you combine cleaning with a vehicle service as part of which the pollen filter is replaced anyway, this results in hardly any additional work and generates genuine additional income for the garage.

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