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To ensure that powerful trucks remain powerful, we have developed a special product line for pick-ups. It keeps the engine powerful and prevents a gradual loss of power.

The Truck series tackles a widespread problem: the gradual loss of power. Deposits inside the engine cause combustion to deteriorate because the fuel is no longer atomized as finely. The consequences: Less power, higher fuel consumption and even more deposits. A vicious circle. As this is a gradual process, the driver often does not even notice it.

Our products ensure that strong engines stay strong.

Our Truck series

Powerful products for powerful engines.

Get your truck back up to old strenght with our high-performance solutions for powerful engines. 

Tested and proven at Baja Racing

The German rally sport legend Armin Schwarz has put his trust in German quality products by LIQUI MOLY for many years in Project Baja.

"I use all five additives both in my private diesel pick-up and in my gasoline pick-up for races. The latter is a Ford Raptor Racing Trophy Truck with 960 hp, which really gets through any terrain. These additives are unbeatable when it comes to keeping the performance of my trucks right at the top and protecting them against all hindrances."

Customer Jesse Pimentel shares his story

Our customer Jesse Pimentel reports on his experiences with our products. 

"I have always wanted a diesel truck and about a year ago I came across a 2006 Ford Super Duty with just under 100,000 miles."

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Available at AutoZone

The Complete Fuel System Cleaner, the Complete Diesel System Cleaner and the Oil Treatment are now also available at local AutoZone Stores.

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