LIQUI MOLY confirms their products to be of exceptional high quality and in conformity with the German and European legislations required of all LIQUI MOLY products.

LIQUI MOLY hereby warrants to the Consumer that at the time of sale, all lubricant products are free of defective materials ordesign and are suitable for use according to LIQUI MOLY`s recommended guidelines. The products are produced in accordanceto the strict manufacturer guidelines, to meet or exceed automotive manufacturer’s requirements. We also confirm that allLIQUI MOLY products are subject to strict quality control processes with vigorous testing conducted by our laboratory.

LIQUI MOLY is certified according to DIN ISO 9001.

Incidents where LIQUI MOLY products are used as intended and engine damages are proven to be a result of LIQUI MOLYproduct failure, the damaged mechanical parts will be covered by the Liqui Moly Product Warranty at fair market costs.