Pro-Line Center

Become a Pro-Line Center to benefit from many advantages and enable your customers a premium experience.

It’s no secret that not all service shops are the same. We go to shops that we trust, we go to shops that we know we can count on. As an oil manufacturer, your shops are a major part of our world, as most people get their services, including our products, there. Those that don’t just stand out, but go the extra mile in service, as well as quality, earn the title of LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line Center!

At these shops a full array of LIQUI MOLY products and technical equipment can be found, available for any vehicle and fully adhering to the LIQUI MOLY standard of cleanliness, service, and quality. Because It’s not enough to just offer top tier, premium products. We want you to enable a top tier, premium EXPERIENCE.

Do you have what it takes to be a Pro-Line Center? Please contact your local sales representative and ask for details on how to apply! 

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Benefits as a LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line Center


  • Your shop will be displayed on the LIQUI MOLY Homepage as a LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line Center
  • Take advantage of LIQUI MOLY search engine marketing and social media strategy
  • Take advantage of the LIQUI MOLY branding in trade magazines and with national print support 
  • Support on a local level within your community (if applicable)
  • Pro-Line decals for the shops window 
  • POS Concept for Pro-Line Centers 
  • Shop featured in LIQUI MOLY newsletter (if applicable) 
  • Certificate with year when you became a LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line Center


  • Continuous support and training
  • Free access to tech support (online and by phone)
  • Solution selling material for service writers / technicians


  • Rewards points based on LIQUI MOLY purchases
  • Discount for LIQUI MOLY Teamshop

Requirements you must meet

  • LIQUI MOLY branding on the outside, on the inside of the workshop and in the waiting area
  • Have completed classes on additives effects and application, in addition to classes on oils and usage (upon completion, you will receive a LIQUI MOLY certificate to show your customers that you are up to date on automotive lubricant standards)
  • LIQUI MOLY is the main oil used at the shop 
  • Have LIQUI MOLY additives and ATF fluids in stock and use LIQUI MOLY technical equipment
  • LIQUI MOLY logo must be displayed on the shop website
  • Facility must be clean and organized inside and outside
  • Must have yearly reviews to confirm the facility adheres to LIQUI MOLY requirements