Right Oil for German cars

Do you drive a car from Germany? Find out why the right motor oil is so important.

Whether you have a classic car or a new vehicle: The choice of the right motor oil is an important decision, after all, it is the "lifeblood" of the vehicle. This is especially true with German vehicles. German manufacturer requirements are demanding. With LIQUI MOLY products you always have peace of mind.

Classifications and approvals

The capacity of oils is set out in the "API classifications" (American Petroleum Institute), as well as the "ACEA specifications" (Association des Constructeurs Europ. de l‘Automobile). The classification takes place using standardized engine tests in the test laboratory.

This is not enough for German car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen or BMW. They have even tougher requirements.

These are set out in approvals (e.g. MB 229.5, Porsche A40 or BMW Longlife -01). After all, modern motor oils are high-tech products specially designed for certain car models – essentially tailor-made replacement parts. That's why car manufacturers only give their approval to selected oils.

If you want to know more about our approvals, check out our FAQ-Section starting from point 6, "Car manufacturer specifications".

Why is it so important to consider these?

Adding the wrong oil is like installing the wrong replacement part!

The wrong oil can in many cases even lead to carbonization and engine failure. An oil with reduced HTHS viscosity and minimal viscosity can be ideal for vehicle A, yet "lethal" to the engine in vehicle B! If you use the wrong oil, turbo engines also react sensitively, as the turbo charger requires extremely heat-stable lubricants. And in diesels with particulate filters the wrong oil can block the filter.

At LIQUI MOLY you can find the right oil for your German vehicle, including the right approvals of the vehicle manufacturers, of course. The search is simple and straightforward with our practical Oil Guide.

In Germany, LIQUI MOLY has achieved first place in reader surveys of specialist automotive magazines for years and is therefore "Germany's best lubricant brand". Experience our Made in Germany quality for yourself.