The LIQUI MOLY Academy supports you with a wide diversity of training courses, demonstrations and practical training sessions. We provide you, your employees and your customers with first-hand expertise, product information and all manner of useful tricks and subtleties.

Automotive technology is taking giant leaps forward. Car manufacturers are outstripping one another every day with new engines and technologies. Your customers expect you to be up to date with the latest technology at all times. You need the relevant technical knowledge to give your customers in the workshop comprehensive and professional advice.

Make yourself fit for the job –and for your customers!

Further training is not done for the fun of it!
Today, teaching and training are more essential than ever, on the one hand to keep up with stiff competition. On the other hand, technological development in the car industry keeps racing ahead with increasing speed, always demanding new knowledge. That means for you and your employees: keeping on the ball and keeping up with the innovations of the vehicle manufacturers.

Further training should be fun!
Colleagues at the LIQUI MOLY Academy impart the necessary expertise with dedication and understanding. Without academic frills – but with lots of experienceand practical examples. Training sessions are tailored to your requests and suggested subjects and are directed above all to the listeners’ needs. After all, we want to communicate not only factual information, but also enjoyment of the subject! This is an essential prerequisite for the subsequent success of the trainingin your company.

Further training is quite simple!
Have a word with the dealer responsible for your company. He will consult with you on content, breadth and dates of your training courses. Training events are held worldwide on the premises of our sales partners, at customers or at our training academy in Ulm.

It’s very easy:
We can provide both practical presentations and theoretical training courses! We have compiled the following subjects for your training. These can also be adapted to your particular needs:

Take your pick!
The current LIQUI MOLYAcademy program:

  • Motor and transmission oils
  • Commercial vehicle lubricants
  • Additives
  • Cleaning of air conditioning systems
  • Oils and additives for gas engines
  • Cleaning of injection systems
  • hydraulic oils and lubricants
  • Workshop and service products