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Optimally lubricated, protected and maintained: So that everything flows smoothly on the road. For minimum fuel consumption, maximum engine output, a shiny look and much more.

Every mile driven costs a tiny bit of engine. The reason: Friction and wear. A creeping process, that is often accelerated by poor fuel quality and deposits of old lubricants.

However, regular maintenance of the oil and fuel circuit can usually restore engine performance to its original level. Without much effort, but with a great deal of effect.

Our promise: Your car is in the best hands at LIQUI MOLY in terms of functionality and appearance. You can rely on

  • smooth running of the engine, thanks to high-quality motor oils made in Germany
  • optimum protection of the engine and fuel system, thanks to effective additives
  • maximum value retention, thanks to first-class car care products
  • reliable and efficient repairs, thanks to professional service products

Our car care range

Whether as a precaution or as a problem solver: We always offer you the right product.

In our car care range, you will find the right solutions for cost-effectively eliminating any existing problems or even preventing them from arising in the first place through preventive use.

To the products


Dual protection with Cera Tec

The optimum wear protection additive for physical and chemical protection 

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