• 09/05/2022

Know-how from pro to pro


At LIQUI MOLY, workshops can keep up to date – with regard to theory as well as practice

“Our job is not yet done with just selling, because we do not leave our customers alone with our products,” says Günter Hiermaier, Managing Director of LIQUI MOLY. “We want our customers to get the most out of our products.” To this end, the oil and additive specialist has set up an extensive program to impart specialist knowledge – from professionals to professionals.

As technology advances, vehicles are becoming increasingly complex. With the knowledge that might have been sufficient 20 years ago, today’s workshops quickly reach their limits. Making unnecessary mistakes is not only embarrassing and raises doubts among customers about the professionalism of the workshop, they can also really cost money in the form of expensive complaints.

“We know that, in addition to day-to-day business from early to late, it is often difficult to take care of further training,” says Günter Hiermaier. “That’s why we offer many different ways to update your know-how and acquire new knowledge. The workshop can then conveniently choose what works best for them.”

The range extends from training videos and online instruction courses to classic on-site training sessions. The topics are as diverse as the automotive chemicals range of LIQUI MOLY. This starts with background knowledge about oils and additives and extends to special topics and practical demonstrations, for example, from oil changes in automatic transmissions to glass repair. This allows the workshop to both deepen existing knowledge and open up new areas of business.

“We offer all of this free of charge, because with LIQUI MOLY the workshop not only buys products, but a complete service package – and this also includes the transfer of knowledge,” says Günter Hiermaier. “Knowledge is power. And knowledge also means increased sales.” After all, mastering your field with confidence also makes it easier to convince customers about the value of additional services.

Tobias Gerstlauer
Head of Media Relations D/A/CH
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