Automotive Sponsorship Request

As you can imagine, we receive many sponsoring requests. Unfortunately, we cannot support all the fantastic projects. However, you can help us to decide which the right project is for LIQUI MOLY USA, by completing this form.

Please note that requirements for sponsorship are:

  • 10k+ Followers in social media channels
  • 2 post per week to keep channel active
  • 2-3 other performance part sponsors or part of an OEM project or major race series
  • placements at events within region of sponsorship
Requestor Information
If yes:

In exchange for product sponsorship, LIQUI MOLY USA requires the following be provided once the product has been received and installed.

  1. A written testimonial describing why you have chosen the LIQUI MOLY USA for your application within (1) month of receipt of the LIQUI MOLY USA product(s).
  2. A minimum of one native post per month on ALL social media channels.
  3. least one (1) decal to be placed on the vehicle in a prominent location.
  4. Display of product literature and / or signage including the LIQUI MOLY logo when appropriate at events.
  5. minimum of 12 tags and posts to be provided to LIQUI MOLY USA’s Facebook page, Instagram to be used in public relations efforts or other promotional use. Posts will be made over the course of 12 months, starting from the date of the agreement. Photos posted should include LIQUI MOLY Logo, product, etc. These posts will be made over a 12-month period of time starting from the date contract is received. 
  6. Sponsoree agrees that the vehicle will not be displayed publicly including; on TV, events, magazine articles, any form of print advertising, social media channels or other public forums with decals, logos, or products that show another aftermarket or racing oil manufacturer’s logo.
  7. Sponsoree agrees to mention LIQUI MOLY product in vehicle, by name. The “mention” will acknowledge the LIQUI MOLY product as the oil in the vehicle. Count also for shows and events.