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Our global branding: The logo is the most important element of a company’s visual appearance.

The development of our logo and brand identity is particularly impressive in how much it reflects the spirit of the times and brand awareness. In order to continue to take into account our increasing global recognition and our success, it is important that our design elements all come from a single source. Therefore, on the following pages we have set out some guidelines for the correct, generally applicable use of our logo. Although this manual cannot cover all situations where our logo is used, it illustrates the basic principles and ideas. 


Full-color logo (Standard)

In general, the full-colour version is preferable to the black & white version. he shape and colors are firmly set and must not be changed. Our trademark should be placed on all colors from the brand spectrum, as well as on all photos. Likewise, it is permitted to use the lettering with a bleed-off edge as long as legibility is not impaired. Our latest logo is registered under international trademark law and may only be used as described on the following pages.

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Standard Logos
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Logo with slogan

More language versions

Our logo with slogan is available for download in many other languages in the LIQUI MOLY Media Centre. Go to collection:

Logo with Slogan (PNG) Logo with Slogan Horizontal (PNG)

Logo with international Slogans


Our company colors

The blue, red and white logo is LIQUI MOLY‘s trademark and has a high recognition value. The main colors have been defined for all print and web applications. There are separate color schemes for special product areas, which are explained on the following pages.


Corporate typeface

LIQUI MOLY’s corporate typeface is called DIN Pro. Its typographical orientation is striking, straightforward and serious – suitable for all areas of application. Our corporate font supports the diverse cha- racter of our brand with its different font styles (regular, medium, bold, etc.) and characters (accents, special characters, etc.). DIN Pro is subject to a fee and a license. Therefore, in various documents (correspondence, etc.) as well as in online applications (e.g. website), standard fonts similar to the DIN Pro look (e.g. Calibri) can be used if necessary.

Guidelines writing (focus national)

LIQUI MOLY or Liqui Moly? Special rim cleaner or Special-rim cleaner? It is often not so easy to use consistent spellings. But in addition to the stringent visual appearance, these are an important component in conveying homogeneity, authenticity and professionalism in communi- cation. Text characterizes the identity and image of our company. Our language will only be coherent if we maintain a common, customer- oriented style on advertising materials and websites, as well as in letters and e-mails. So make sure that your correspondence is as clear, comprehensible and friendly as possible. This overview offers you a few building blocks, rules and tools for handling our language - so that as a brand and as a team we speak with one voice.

Designation of origin "Made in Germany"

Motor oils & additives

With the production of motor oils and additives in Ulm and Saarlouis respectively, LIQUI MOLY ensures that these items meet the strict guidelines for production in Germany. The logo can be used to complement the registered LIQUI MOLY figurative mark (see left). 

How to write

  • It should always be written in all caps when used as a slogan element.
  • For editorial use, always write it in mixed case
    Motor oils and additives made in Germany

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Our imagery

The high quality standards we apply to our products are applied to our imagery too. Photography and photo-realistic renderings are underlined by a clean look. At the same time, the imagery should always appear authentic, human and friendly.

The Mediacenter

You can reach our mediacenter using this link:

Here you will find all approved and implemented logos, images, advertising material and much more about our LIQUI MOLY world. The online platform provides support via guidelines and information about our brand, is reachable worldwide and makes it easier for you to work within our corporate design.

To use our media center, a one-time registration is required in advance.


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