Limited Warranty

Quality Statement

LIQUI MOLY confirms their products to be of exceptional high quality and in conformity with the German and European legislations required of all LIQUI MOLY products.

LIQUI MOLY hereby warrants to the Consumer that at the time of sale, all lubricant products are free of defective materials or design and are suitable for use according to LIQUI MOLY`s recommended guidelines. The products are produced in accordance to the strict manufacturer guidelines, to meet or exceed automotive manufacturer’s requirements. We also confirm that all LIQUI MOLY products are subject to strict quality control processes with vigorous testing conducted by our laboratory.

LIQUI MOLY is certified according to DIN ISO 9001.

Incidents where LIQUI MOLY products are used as intended and engine damages are proven to be a result of LIQUI MOLY product failure, the damaged mechanical parts will be covered by the Liqui Moly Product Warranty at fair market costs.

Quality Period

12 months from date of purchase.

Conditions for the Warranty to be valid

LIQUI MOLY products must be properly applied to engine applications that are operated and maintained in accordance with engine manufacturer’s requirements. Engine damage incurred and alleged to be a result of a failed Liqui Moly lubricant, must submit a claim to LIQUI MOLY, Germany within 30 days of discovery of the damage. A 10 ounce sample of the used lubricant must be provided for testing. Any damaged component must be made available for inspection.


This limited warranty does not cover damages for towing, loss of vehicle, rental car expenses or any other consequential or incidental damages or expense.

Exclusion of the Warranty

  • Products that are not packaged by LIQUI MOLY or not sold by LIQUI MOLY or an authorized LIQUI MOLY Dealer.
  • Lubricants that have been used in conjunction with any other product or additive that has not been authorized for use by LIQUI MOLY.
  • LIQUI MOLY lubricants contaminated after leaving the LIQUI MOLY facilities or premises. Examples include contamination due to improper handling, re-packaging, storage or filtration and contamination from dirty dispensing equipment.
  • Lubricants used in mechanically deficient equipment. Examples of deficient equipment include flawed or defective equipment due to abnormal operation, negligence, abuse, previous damage or improper modification, including use of components other than those from LIQUI MOLY.
  • Failure of equipment due to not following original equipment manufacturer (hereinafter, “OEM”). recommendations for warranty coverage, including lubricants, maintenance and drain intervals, prior to the first installation of LIQUI MOLY lubricants, or any other pre-existing condition or OEM defect unrelated to the use of LIQUI MOLY.
  • Repair or replacement of equipment because of normal wear.
  • Failure of equipment when LIQUI MOLY lubricants are not used in strict accordance with either the written recommendations of LIQUI MOLY or the OEM for warranty coverage. The Consumer is solely responsible for determining a product’s suitability for a particular purpose and assumes all risks and liabilities when used other than in strict accordance with either the written recommendations of LIQUI MOLY or the OEM for warranty coverage.
  • LIQUI MOLY lubricants used in any manned aircraft or aviation application if they are not intended for that type of use.
  • LIQUI MOLY lubricants that have been used for the purposes of racing.
  • Any allegedly defective LIQUI MOLY lubricant for which a reasonable sample has not been provided.
  • Damages if the Consumer does not send or make the parts requested available for inspection by LIQUI MOLY or its insurer.