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Functional reliability of your electric vehicle


Whether hybrid, plug-in hybrid, range extender or all-electric vehicle: The correct operating fluids are essential for technical functional reliability. We show you what to look out for and offer you solutions for the mobility of tomorrow.

Reliable brake system

The brake system of hybrid and electric vehicles must withstand significantly greater loads compared to conventional combustion engines.

On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the electric motor also acts as a brake, which in turn generates energy for the car’s battery, meaning that the mechanical brake system is used less frequently. This process is called “recuperation”. Due to the less frequent use of the brake, there are strong signs of corrosion on brake disks and pads, especially at certain points, which has a negative impact on the safety and function of the brake system. For this reason, you should have the brake system checked regularly for damage and functional reliability as part of a brake service. For electric vehicles in particular, good corrosion protection is essential.

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On the other hand, the difference in weight of hybrid and electric vehicles compared to conventional combustion engines is a decisive factor. The battery required for the drive system adds quite a bit of weight to the e-car. The brakes are also under great strain, due to the significantly higher acceleration power. In an emergency, these must reliably bring a heavy weight to a standstill under extreme heat.

In order to meet these demands, we have developed a brake fluid that has been specially adapted to the requirements of electrically powered vehicles. The Brake Fluid DOT 5.1 EV has a high dry and wet boiling point to guarantee optimum braking characteristics with rapid acceleration, high speed and high weight.

  • Thermally highly stable
  • Good viscosity/temperature properties
  • Improves electrical conductivity
  • Excellent elastomer compatibility
  • Excellent high- and low-temperature behavior
  • Extremely high wet and dry boiling points
  • Outstanding protection against the formation of steam bubbles
  • Assures a high degree of lubricating action on all moving components in the hydraulic brake circuit

Fail-safe transmission

Vehicles with electric drive components still cannot do without gear oils. Here too, specific requirements are also placed on the lubricant. The transmission of an electric vehicle works largely without a gear shift and is only single-stage or two-stage. Due to the very high temperatures that can arise as a result during driving, the gear oil is subjected to high physical and thermal stress. Extremely high heat resistance and oxidation stability of the gear oil are therefore essential to guarantee long-term function of the transmission without damage.

The low-viscosity, high-performance transmission fluid Top Tec Gear EV 520 of the new generation based on synthetic technology is enriched with modern, powerful additive components. This ensures excellent aging and oxidation stability while providing optimum corrosion protection under all operating conditions. It has a very high viscosity index and allows long oil-change intervals. This guarantees a long service life of the transmission fluid and ensures the flawless condition of your vehicle over the long term.

  • Prevents foaming
  • Very good low-temperature properties
  • High resistance to aging
  • Strong wear protection
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Good viscosity/temperature properties
  • Excellent corrosion protection

Optimal power yield of the battery

In order to exploit the high performance level of hybrid and electric vehicles, it is important to ensure that temperature-sensitive components such as the electric motor and the power electronics are at a certain operating temperature. For the installed lithium-ion battery, this is between 15 °C and 40 °C. For optimum battery function, it must be possible to guarantee the very small temperature range in both warm and cold outdoor conditions.

A special battery coolant is required to keep the temperature range in the battery segment constant. Our Battery Coolant EV 200 is specially adapted to fluctuating outdoor conditions and fully meets these requirements.

Thanks to the specially developed formula, it ensures that the heat generated is reliably dissipated and that the battery does not get hotter than 60 °C in summer. In winter, it ensures that the battery never gets colder than the required 15 °C. In addition to ensuring the optimum temperature performance range, it also prevents the formation of hydrogen in the cooling system. This prevents corrosion and ensures that the coolant remains stable over long periods of time.

  • Compatible with the elastomers installed in the cooling system
  • Low conductivity over the entire service life
  • With flux compensation
  • Ensures efficient dissipation of the heat generated
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Outstanding corrosion protection

Clean fuel system for hybrid vehicles

Modern hybrid vehicles are characterized by their extremely low fuel consumption. This is due to the fact that the combustion engine of a hybrid vehicle is only used as required and as support. The fuel remains in the tank a relatively long time.

What seems positive at first glance, however, also presents risks at second glance. This is because the very low fuel consumption inevitably leads to aging of the gasoline in the tank. And this results in corrosive acids that promote wear throughout the entire fuel system. Another negative effect is the formation of polymers. These thick, resinous deposits do not dissolve in the fuel, which can clog pumps, lines or injection nozzles.

To protect the fuel system of your hybrid car in the long term, we have developed the Hybrid Additive. Thanks to the formula specially adapted to the engine technology of a hybrid vehicle, it cleans, protects and maintains the entire fuel system. With the aging stability function, the product ensures that the fuel remains free of deposits and the system remains free of corrosion even during extended periods of use. In addition, deposits or corrosion that have already formed are removed and the entire system, including the injection nozzles, is cleaned.

  • Prevents the formation of deposits
  • Stabilizes the fuel during extended periods of use
  • Cleans the injection system and combustion chamber
  • Reduces emissions
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Optimum aging stability
  • Fuel economy
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Suitable for engines with intake-manifold injection and direct injection

Value-conserving vehicle care

The visual care of your electric car should also not be neglected. To ensure long-term value retention, we offer special products for all surfaces inside and outside your vehicle.

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