A brand that moves and fills with enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm – the driving force behind our thoughts and actions. With their dedication and passion, their ideas and abilities, our more than 1100 co-entrepreneurs have made LIQUI MOLY what it is today: a global trademark for top quality that fills customers with enthusiasm. 

One brand – all solutions!

With over 4,000 items from a single source, we are one of the few full-range suppliers worldwide and offer the right products for every vehicle. We supply the world’s widest and deepest range of motor oils, additives, gear oils, greases, pastes, adhesives and products for service and vehicle care. In addition to passenger cars, we also serve motorcycles, classic cars, electric vehicles, bicycles, garden equipment, boats, small aircraft, the camping sector, commercial vehicles, construction machinery and industrial applications with this extensive range. Always and everywhere in absolute top quality.

In addition, we offer our partners and customers professional, tried-and-tested support and service concepts that make everyday operations in the workshop easier, as well as tools and equipment for efficient use of the products.

Dual leadership of LIQUI MOLY GmbH: Günter Hiermaier (right) and Dr. Uli Weller

LIQUI MOLY is Germany's most popular brand of motor oil. For years, awards such as TOP BRAND or BEST BRAND have reflected our excellent reputation among both experts and end consumers. These series victories are anything but a coincidence or merely automatic. They are the result of the daily commitment of our highly motivated co-entrepreneurs.

It is this togetherness that makes us strong, that makes us special, that makes us unique all around the world. It is this “us” that makes up our success!

Made in Germany

Quality at the highest level. A promise we stand by.

As a hotbed of ideas with Swabian roots and a responsible global player, we have been developing and producing motor oils and additives exclusively in Germany since 1957 for an international market that now comprises more than 150 partner countries. In doing so, we regularly set new standards in quality and performance.

Our solutions are largely based on our own formulations, which are permanently tested and adapted to current technical circumstances wherever necessary. The best raw materials, compliance with the highest specifications and a complete testing process – from raw material delivery to production and delivery – ensure the highest level of safety and quality.

Our promise of quality

Corporate values

Focused. Committed. Human. Values that define and unite us. We call it the LIQUI MOLY spirit. We put our goals and visions into practice every day with a lot of heart and mind.

Thanks to our strong corporate identity, we always base our actions on our values. Team spirit takes center stage: we ensure optimum working conditions and thereby create a climate for creativity, innovation and social fairness. As far as we are concerned, ambition and pragmatism always go hand in hand. And we feel that success is always maintained by caring about one another.

"Humanity connects" is one of LIQUI MOLY's most important guiding principles. A motto that stands for our fundamental attitude: cross-border friendship, mutual care and respect for each other. Within the entire LIQUI MOLY family worldwide. Amongst all customers, business friends, suppliers, colleagues and relatives. Regardless of nationality, culture or religion.


We are a values-based company that is aware of its social responsibility. We are happy to comply with this in a variety of ways. Social and environmental aspects are an essential part of our sustainable actions and drive us.

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Our company history

With our passion for quality products, we have grown rapidly since our founding in 1957, expanded internationally with seven subsidiaries and many partners in over 150 countries, and thus developed into a globally known brand in the automotive chemicals industry.

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