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Regular oil changes are worthwhile: they prevent wear and tear and clean the engine so that you can enjoy your vehicle for a long time to come.

The engine is the heart of your vehicle. And engine oil is its blood. It fulfills a variety of tasks and nowadays must be able to do far more than just lubricate and cool: It has to function at high temperatures and pressures, clean the engine of combustion residues, abrasion, acids, water and fuel particles, protect it from corrosion and ensure it is leak-proof.

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Why regular oil changes are so important

Engine oil is permanently exposed to extreme thermal and mechanical stress, causing it to consume and contaminate itself over time. For example, through combustion in the engine, dilution with fuel or condensation water, natural oil ageing and mechanical abrasion. Among other things, this encourages the formation of deposits due to combustion residues and can lead to serious consequences in the long term:

  • loss of compression and performance
  • poor exhaust emission values and risk of failing the emissions test
  • increased fuel and oil consumption
  • deteriorated lubricity
  • lubricant no longer reaches the individual lubrication points in the engine
  • increased engine wear up to the breaking of the timing chain and engine damage

To ensure optimum lubricity and protect the engine from damage, it is therefore unfortunately not enough to simply top up with fresh oil. Only a regular oil change, i.e. replacing the old, used oil with new oil, guarantees safe engine function and increases the service life of the engine.

How often should the oil be changed?

You can find out when it is time for the next oil change in your vehicle's service booklet. You can also take a look at the owner's manual. It will tell you how often you should change the oil. Many manufacturers specify fixed intervals: For cars, it is about once/twice a year or every 15,000/30,000 kilometers.

However, this cannot be generalized! When you should change the oil depends on your driving style. For example, how often you bring your vehicle up to operating temperature: If you mainly drive in the city, the oil ages more quickly.

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Would you also like to remove as many deposits as possible from the oil system and reduce signs of wear on engine components as much as possible? Then you should definitely have the oil changed by a professional! We will be happy to advise you at your LIQUI MOLY service workshop.

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Engine flushing, oil change, anti-wear additive

Advantages of a professional oil change

Engine flushing, oil change, wear protection additive: optimally cleaned, protected and lubricated.

Engine flushing before the oil change

  • dissolves all dirt and deposits inside the engine
  • completely removes used oil from the oil circuit
  • fresh engine oil develops its full performance and lubricating properties
  • engine then runs even more effectively, is quieter and is more economical in consumption

Wear protection after the oil change

  • additionally reduces friction, wear and fuel consumption 

  • increases the service life of the engine
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The right motor oil for the oil change

Not all oils are the same: every engine is different and has specific oil requirements.

Modern engine oils are products specially developed for specific vehicle models - tailor-made spare parts, so to speak. Using inferior or even the wrong oil can have costly consequences:

  • loss of warranty
  • increased fuel consumption
  • increased risk of breakdown
  • reduced service life of the engine
  • estruction of the particulate filter and catalytic converter
  • major engine damage

So always remember this as soon as you treat your engine to fresh oil: Your vehicle is not just any old vehicle. So don't just take anything. We always offer the right engine oil.

Which oil is the right one for your vehicle?

We give your engine exactly what it needs.

It all depends on the manufacturer's approval: Only an engine oil that is approved by the manufacturer according to the specification guarantees optimum engine function.

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Top quality made in Germany with Germany's most popular lubricant brand*: Our engine oils have a large number of approvals from international vehicle manufacturers. They exceed their specifications and meet all requirements.

When it comes to oil changes and motor oil, LIQUI MOLY is the best choice. Our oil guide will help you find the right motor oil and other suitable operating fluids for every vehicle.

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*For years, the readers of Germany's leading car magazines have voted LIQUI MOLY the best lubricant brand.