• 05/17/2018

New oil for Jaguar and Land Rover

Special Tec LR 0W-20 by LIQUI MOLY
May 2018 – The trend for ever less viscous motor oils as a contribution to lower fuel consumption and emissions can be found in all car markets. The German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY has developed a new oil just for Jaguar and Land Rover: Special Tec LR 0W-20.

Special Tec LR 0W-20 is officially approved by Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. This STJLR 51.5122 approval is required in the latest petrol engines in Jaguars and Land Rovers. "0W-20 is a particularly low viscosity motor oil," says Oliver Kuhn, assistant laboratory manager at LIQUI MOLY. The engineers at Jaguar and Land Rover use this as one of many adjust screws to reduce consumption and minimize emissions. After all, a thin oil can be more easily pumped and has less inside resistance. This means the engine loses less performance. Oliver Kuhn: "The challenge is for such a thin oil to still reliably lubricate the engine even under extreme load."

Special Tec LR 0W-20 is a special development exclusively for Jaguar and Land Rover. "The two brands used to simply follow the oil specifications of the former owner Ford, but since 2014 they have gone their own way here, which takes them ever further away from Ford," says Oliver Kuhn. That's why Special Tec LR 0W-20 is not suitable for any other models.

Alongside ever more viscous oils, this is the second trend: Ever more specialized oils with ever smaller areas of use. In other words: The variety of oil types will continue to rise and therefore it will become more and more difficult for garages and car drivers to keep an overview. The free online oil guide by LIQUI MOLY at www.liqui-moly.com offers light in the dark. Just enter the make, model and engine to immediately view a list of the right oils.