• 07/04/2017

Girl power tames horsepower

Making of the 2018 LIQUI MOLY calendar

July 2017 – When the car tuners from Hamann Motorsport in Laupheim, Germany start sweating, then it is generally summer and work and sun have taken their toll. But at the start of June, the reason for beads of sweat on brows was a different one: Lubricant specialist LIQUI MOLY was photographing its erotic calendar at the tuning company.

Attractive cars and motorbikes with at least as attractive women as a theme are a renowned recipe for customer calendars by companies that are active in the vehicle sector. Because the calendar by LIQUI MOLY is known in the industry for its exceptional quality, it cannot be just any old vehicles, but ones of particularly high value. That's why those responsible for the project decided on vehicles from car tuner Hamann, with bikes and cars from other collections. "Our customers and fans have a high level of expectation towards all LIQUI MOLY products. This also applies to our erotic calendar. And rightfully so, as we have deliberately set the bar very high," says Peter Baumann. He is responsible for marketing worldwide at LIQUI MOLY. And he is optimistic that the calendar to be published in October will once again meet these high standards.

LIQUI MOLY has been cooperating with Hamann Motorsport for several years and makes uses of the test rigs in Laupheim, among other things. The tuning company acts as the backdrop for the calendar shoot for the 2018 edition of the erotic calendar. The vehicle specialist tunes exclusive cars by brands such as BMW, Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghini. "The vehicles alone are an absolute visual treat. Combined with the pretty models, it's hard to tear your eyes away," says Uli Schwarz, PR Manager and Head of Sales at Hamann Motorsport. He, too, is sure that the calendar will once again find a cherished spot in many garages around the world.

The shoot takes almost a week. Lots of horsepower coupled with a great deal of girl power – that is the recipe for success of the new calendar. After all, as is usual for LIQUI MOLY, there is not just one model posing for the calendar. A total of twelve were booked for the production, including the model that enjoyed their first LIQUI MOLY appearance in the spring in the film for the care range of the car chemical manufacturer.

Just as the Hamann Motorsport vehicles captivate with their enhanced performance and greater driving fun, so the LIQUI MOLY erotic calendar scores points with more than twelve calendar pages, indulging the eyes a little longer than a conventional calendar. Customers and fans have something to look forward to.