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Wear-free running-in of the turbocharger


It is very important that the moving parts in a turbocharger are well lubricated as they are subjected to heavy loads due to very high engine speeds. This lubrication is largely missing if the turbo has been replaced or reinstalled after a repair. Pro-Line Turbocharger Additive helps you to avoid costly consequences.

Broken turbocharger rotor shaft

When the engine is started, the turbocharger quickly reaches several 100,000 revolutions per minute. This is also the case after it has been replaced or repaired, if the sensitive bearings of the turbocharger are still dry when it first starts up. The turbo is not adequately protected at these very high speeds. Wear and tear, and the risk of very expensive damage and a drastically shortened service life are then particularly high. It is therefore essential to lubricate it before installation, and initial operation or recommissioning.

Lasting protection from the first turn

The Pro-Line Turbocharger Additive is a high-dose combination of MoS2 active ingredients that adheres to the metal surfaces of the plain bearings and thus guarantees sufficient lubrication over the long term. This way you can ensure that dry running and oil shortage damage are avoided during the running-in phase.

During application, the oil inlet bore of the turbocharger must be filled to the brim with Pro-Line Turbocharger Additive before connecting the oil supply line. It is this easy to provide optimum protection for sensitive technology and avoid expensive damage down the line.