Stuart Urquhart

That's my story! I have used LIQUI MOLY oils for quite some time. I decided to try some of the Diesel Purge additive I had heard so much about.

I ordered in some and tried it on a vehicle with over 200,000 miles on it. Almost immediately it began idle much smoother, it ran quieter and the black smoke stopped billowing out. Since that day I have offered Diesel Purge to all of my diesel customers and they love it as much as I do. In fact, I have customers come in just to buy a case of Diesel Purge. The nice thing is that Diesel Purge will work on any make & model diesel engine.

"Almost immediately it began to idle smoother, run quieter and the black smoke stopped."

Stuart Urquhart

Diesel Purge
Diesel Purge
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Developed for cleaning fuel systems and injectors within minutes and restore lost power caused by deposits. Ideally Diesel Purge is added into the fuel filter housing. It will eliminate knocking, pinging and exhaust smoke. Improves start up performance.

  • highly economical
  • cleans the fuel system
  • keeps injection nozzles clean
  • eliminates diesel knocking
  • increases operational reliability
  • increases cetane number
  • guarantees optimum combustion
  • good corrosion protection