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Trust in each canister: LIQUI MOLY is the first choice of motorcyclists


Lubricating, cooling, cleaning, sealing and protecting against corrosion - engine oil has to perform many tasks. One reason why motorcyclists rely on LIQUI MOLY, as a recent survey shows!

Checking the oil level or changing the oil is just as much a part of the passion for motorcycles as the feeling of freedom or the experience of cornering on the road itself. After all, if you love riding and your bike, you'll take good care of it.

The results of a survey conducted by motor presse stuttgart confirm this: Almost three quarters of the motorcyclists surveyed (73%) have changed or topped up their oil at least once in the last 12 months.

When asked about the brand of oil used, bikers are unanimous:

LIQUI MOLY is ranked the number one preferred oil brand according to survey results.

The same result was achieved in the Best Brand reader polls of PS, the sport motorcycle magazine.

LIQUI MOLY is Best Brand in the categorie Oils/Lubricants.

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