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Our state-of-the-art oil production


Constantly changing framework conditions and growing demands on modern lubricants require expertise all along the line. It’s a good thing that our oil production in Saarlouis is optimally positioned! We will show you exclusive video insights from our lubricant competence center.

Research and development

The future is the destination in our ultra-modern in-house laboratory. Our team meets every technical challenge, fine-tunes tailor-made products, and develops individual solutions to diverse problems.

Always thinking one step ahead – that’s why we stand for innovations such as special biological products based on renewable raw materials.

And here the close cooperation with our customersis a decisive success factor. Listening, thinking, fine-tuning – a harmonious triad with which we constantly develop new groundbreaking products and concepts.

Every day, our team is working on developing new products and special solutions. As a result, we play an important international role in the field of engine oil development, e.g. with oils for low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) or fuel economy oils that reduce fuel consumption.

Our experts use special additive packages to improve the performance properties of lubricants, which are becoming more and more complex, in line with higher requirements. A modern passenger-car motor oil, for example, contains 20 to 25% more additives, and commercial vehicle oils contain 10% more than that.

Production made in Germany

Today, our tank farms have a capacity of 18 million liters of base oils and our raw material and formulation facility boasts a total of 140 storage tanks. An ultra-modernmatrix distributor guarantees efficient material flow. Eleven mixing plants offer batching capacities from 3.8 to 22 tons. Up to 300 large containers are filled daily on two filling lines and five small-container filling lines deliver between 70,000 and 100,000 litersin containers from 250 ml to 5 l in up to three shifts every day.

Productivity all along the line!

We produce around 80,000 t of lubricants each year that are supplied to more than 150 countries around the world. The majority of these are automotive products. The same high quality standards apply to all products worldwide.

We develop and produce our oils and additives exclusively in Germany. Because the promise “Made in Germany” has an excellent reputation around the globe and is a safe bet for our customers. No matter in which country and under what conditions: Our first-class quality always meets the required standards and provides real benefits.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and compliance with the strictest environmental standards are particularly important to us.

The complex pigging technique in the central formulation tank farm with matrix distributor is an impressive example of our sustainable actions. Here, the pipes of our eight main production lines are cleaned highly efficiently at every formula change before the new oil is filled. The result: significantly less flushing oil. An investment that has a positive impact on the environment.


Quality assurance

We cover the entire range of our analyses ourselves. With the large number of daily oil samples with numerous individual analyses for production control, this is not only more economical, but also significantly faster and more flexible.

All incoming raw materials are carefully checked and, even during production continuous quality controls are carried out right up to the retention sample for the finished products. Before the finished products are dispatched, extensive checks are carried out again. In addition, all relevant production data for each production line is recorded and documented. Labeling with batch number and production date enables the complete traceability of all products.

Our promise of quality

Values and loyalty to our sites

We not only have the technical and professional expertise, but also stand for a humanity based on values. Living our corporate values and the ideas, creativity and dedication of our colleagues form the basis for our continuous growth.

In order to safeguard this, we regularly create new jobs and are firmly committed to Germany as a business location.

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