Quickly to the filling station and then off to the office

Sarah Anders is our Account Manager for the Filling Station sector. She reports on her job from her parental leave.

The business administration graduate has been working in the LIQUI MOLY team for over eight years. She started as an assistant to the Head of Key Account Management Retail. Throughout the company, Sarah Anders is known as a confident, communicative and straightforward person. It is precisely these characteristics that are important for her job. Coupled with her many years of experience in Sales, she qualified for the key account in the new Filling Station sales division that was to be set up. “This job is made for me. I’m a free spirit and love to give my ideas free rein and make things happen exactly how I want them to. This is practically part of the job description in this new division.”

Sarah Anders worked well in preparation for this demanding assignment. “My previous training was as office and communications administrator. When I had worked in the position for some time, I knew I had to step it up a notch to do something with greater involvement. I then studied economics while working. With the degree in my pocket, I went to LIQUI MOLY.” The right decision, as she says herself. “LIQUI MOLY matches my nature.”

As a key account manager, she is responsible for the entire filling station area. This includes not only customer acquisition and support, but also the complete campaign and portfolio management of the customers, pricing, sales promotion, strategic orientation of the partners and the appropriate marketing. “In the end, customers should benefit from our service and the familiarity of our brand.” The filling station team ensures personal service with six colleagues in the field, among other things. But she herself is also often on the go: “I don’t have a regular daily routine. And that’s great! Every day, new surprises and projects come along despite all the planning.”

When Sarah Anders talks about her job, everyone notices how much heart and soul she puts into her work. This is also the case when she reports on her favorite project to date – winning over a large gas station chain as a new customer. “Signing the contract was an overwhelming feeling. That was my baby, which I accompanied right from the start. From the initial meeting, concept design and pitch up to implementation, sales and tailored marketing. From the starting line, I set the direction and was solely responsible.” 

“I can make commitments and I know full well that I can keep them because my superiors trust me and support me. I can always count on this.”

What she describes here, and what is difficult to grasp as an outsider, is the feeling of being a co-entrepreneur at LIQUI MOLY. This is our philosophy, which we live by every day. We all work as if it were our own company. And that’s what drives us. Just like Sarah Anders, who says: “I fit in with LIQUI MOLY because I want to make a difference.”

Currently, Sarah Anders is looking at the company from the outside. Her job has been taken over by a colleague. “Of course, it was difficult to let go, but I can rely on my colleagues to do the work well,” she smiles. “After all, I see LIQUI MOLY somewhere every day – on TV, in magazines, at dealers – and I’m happy about that. And of course, I’m looking forward to coming back at some point.”