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Vintage cars

Fountain of youth for your favorites Special solutions for special vehicles – because the highest level of care is required for classic cars through specialized lubricants.

Owners of vintage and classic cars really appreciate the fascination for cars. The need to keep their beloved car in excellent condition for as long as possible - both visually and technically – is just as great.

The best is just about good enough here. For the interior as well as the exterior. Negligence in maintenance and care not only reduces driving pleasure, but also the value of the precious machine. That’s why we offer you all products for ideal service and care in our Classic range. The fact that classics need special attention is demonstrated, for example, by our Classic motor oils, which are specially adapted to the requirements of vintage cars with and without oil filters.

Our classic car range

Modern care for classic treasures.

With our classic car range, you can make your mobile treasure shine again, not only on the outside. The engine, transmission and fuel system also benefit from the care with our specially developed Classic products.

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Do vintage and modern classics need special lubricants?

The motor oil that was still used when the corresponding vintage or modern classic car was manufactured has little in common with today’s lubricants. However, this does not mean that no modern lubricants area available for classic vehicles, only that they are different. David Kaiser, Development Director, reveals the difference in an interview.

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Classic car care: Fountain of youth for your favorite

We show you how to maintain the value of your classic car in the long term.

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