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Perfectly cleaned, protected and lubricated – with our BIKE range, your bicycle or e-bike is perfectly prepared for any terrain.

With the specially developed, high-quality BIKE line, we seamlessly transfer our decades of lubrication and care experience to the bicycle sector. Our high-quality bicycle products represent a range that is optimally tailored to the respective purpose – for road, field path, trail or pump track as well as for dry or wet conditions.

If you regularly give your bike the right lubrication and the corresponding care before riding through the course, you will have much more riding fun and less material wear.

Our BIKE range

Lubrication, service and care for bicycles and e-bikes.

With our BIKE range, your bicycle is ideally equipped for any excursion. So that the next trip doesn’t turn into torture.

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Perfectly clean, maintain and lubricate bicycles

Much more riding fun and less material wear with LIQUI MOLY BIKE products: Step-by-step guide to a well-maintained bike and e-bike.

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