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Chemical wear protection with Motor Protect

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What is Motor Protect and how do you use it correctly? We explain everything you need to know about how the oil additive works and how to use it correctly for wear protection under high pressure.


Engine development is increasingly moving towards more power with less displacement. Greater pressures and temperatures are created in the engine. And that can become a problem. An overheated engine can cause damage to metal parts in the engine, especially cylinders and pistons. This damage can be irreparable and destroy the engine. The chemical protection of LIQUI MOLY Motor Protect can remedy this. This is because it is well suited to protecting the engine.

Chemical high-pressure wear protection additive Motor Protect

Motor Protect is a modern additive that works entirely without solid lubricants. It is a chemical high-pressure wear protection additive. Such additives build up a very thin layer on the sliding points in the engine, which is deformable and slippery under wear conditions. 

The sliding points can be imagined as a landscape of mountains and valleys. When their peaks meet, they weld together due to the temperature and pressures in the engine and then break loose again. The MotorProtect forms chemical reaction layers. These reaction layers have a very high load-bearing capacity. They prevent so-called "seizing" and reduce wear. Seizure would cause lasting damage to the metal surfaces. 

What sets Motor Protect apart

  • Enhances smooth running
  • Maximum thermal stability
  • Highly cost-effective
  • With long-term effect
  • Minimizes friction and wear
  • Lowers oil and fuel consumption
  • Tested for use with turbochargers and catalytic converters
Motor Protect is a modern additive that does without solid lubricants entirely. The diagram shows the effect of Motor Protect with chemical protection: so-called friction modifiers “improve” the metal surfaces. As a result, roughness peaks are no longer damaged. The surface is given a chemical “finish”.

Proven effectiveness

In internal laboratory tests, we were able to attain strong friction value reductions and a significant improvement in wear protection with our Motor Protect. Even in a modern high-performance motor oil SAE 5W-40, wear protection was improved by up to ten percent and the friction coefficient was reduced by up to 20 percent. With a mineral-based SAE 10W-40 motor oil, we were even able to measure a friction value reduction of up to 30 percent.

Using Motor Protect correctly

For maximum effectiveness, the wear protection additive must be added when changing the oil. 500 milliliters are sufficient for up to 5 liters of motor oil. However, it must be noted that the specified oil filling quantity is reduced by 500 milliliters. The additive is compatible with all commercially available mineral and synthetic motor oils.

The addition of low-friction, fully synthetic low-viscosity oils further reduces wear by around 35 percent. And with a long-term effect for 50,000 kilometers.

Conclusion: Why the use of Motor Protect makes sense

Motor Protect builds up a very thin, deformable and lubricating layer in the engine. This ensures low-viscosity effects, optimum engine performance and smoother running. This in turn results in a significant reduction in wear, a longer engine service life, and a reduction in fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.


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