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Automatic transmission service

Shifting delays, unclean gear changes, increased fuel consumption - changing the transmission oil not only actively combats increased wear.

Do you drive a vehicle with an automatic transmission? Then you probably know that automatic transmissions ensure that the engine always runs in the ideal efficiency range. However, as the complexity of the transmission control unit increases, so do the performance requirements of the transmission. This is reflected in the enormous thermal and mechanical load on the transmission oil. The result: increased wear and therefore increased maintenance requirements.

Automatic transmission

Why changing the transmission oil is so important

If the transmission oil is not changed in good time, the dirt and metal abrasion it contains can lead to serious problems. Possible consequences are:

  • costly mechanical damage to the gearbox
  • shifting delays
  • unclean shifting processes
  • failure of gears
  • increased wear
  • increased fuel consumption

In the past, however, it was not possible to completely replace the lubricant, which meant that when the transmission oil was changed, contamination of the fresh oil with the remaining used oil was inevitable - a problem that is now a thing of the past thanks to LIQUI MOLY. This is because the in-house automatic transmission oil service unit enables almost 100 percent fluid exchange without mixing fresh and used oil. Only then can the new oil develop its full performance.

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You should definitely have the automatic transmission oil changed by a professional! Otherwise you run the risk of permanently damaging sensitive components. We will be happy to advise you at your LIQUI MOLY service workshop.

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Automatic switching

Advantages of an automatic transmission fluid change

  • optimized shifting behavior

Any shifting delays, unclean shifting processes or even the failure of entire gears are eliminated and lead to optimized smooth running.

  • increased service life

Reduced friction due to the removal of deposits and dirt ensures less wear and tear and thus a longer service life of the transmission.

  • lower fuel consumption

Early and soft shifting times have a positive effect on fuel consumption.

Automatic transmission service

Fixing Richard Hammond's Top Gear-era Jaguar with an automatic transmission service.