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Reliability at the highest level. Perfectly lubricated and maintained even above the clouds – our AERO aviation range is sure to take you to new heights.

With our AERO aviation range, we transport decades of experience and performance from the race track directly to the runway. Because every pilot bears great responsibility for his guests, himself, and also for the sensitive and expensive material, the factors of quality, functionality and safety are the basic prerequisites of all products used. Our solutions for care, maintenance, oils and additives more than meet these high demands.

Even during the early product development phase, we incorporated the knowledge of active pilots in order to optimally adapt the products to their area of application. After months of development, countless tests for further improvement and numerous real flights, we now also have maximum expertise in this area and offer only the highest product quality.

Our AERO aviation range

All AERO products are exclusively available from:

Karl-Benz-Strasse 25
86825 Bad Wörishofen, Germany

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Care products for airplanes

Protect and maintain your aircraft for the long term.

Aircraft are exposed to extreme weather conditions: high UV loads, accretions of AVGAS, MOGAS, JETFUEL and smoke oil residues. These leave their marks on glass, paint and rubber seals.

Our AERO care products provide perfect care and help to retain the value of airplanes and helicopters – tailored and developed using state-of-the-art technologies in our research laboratories.

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Oil additives for airplanes

Less wear and longer engine life.

Every hour of flight costs a tiny bit of engine due to friction and wear. Despite all efforts to smooth the metal surfaces, they remain uneven from a microscopic point of view.

These irregularities are evened out by applying solid lubricants such as molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) or micro-ceramics. Surface treatment with our proven wear protection additives significantly reduces friction resistance and therefore wear.

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Fuel additives for airplanes

Clean combustion and lower fuel consumption.

Every combustion process in the engine leaves behind tiny particles. These are deposits that accumulate in the combustion chambers and on injection nozzles, valves or jet needles of aircraft engines. The result: Engine performance degradation, increased fuel consumption and more pollutant emissions.

Our AERO fuel additives remove existing deposits and reliably prevent new ones. They also optimize combustion, which means lower repair costs, less fuel consumption, higher operational reliability, greater environmental protection and more engine power.

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Motor oils for airplanes

Quality oils made in Germany. For a long engine life.

In order to provide a good basis for our oils right from the start and also to prevent them from being spoiled by incorrect handling or unsuitable additives during development, LIQUI MOLY carries out comprehensive tests and continuous stringent checks throughout, both in the selection of our base oils and additive packages and during production. 

Our high-quality motor oils optimally lubricate, cool, clean, seal and protect your aircraft engine.

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