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Prevents corrosion in the fuel system

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By the time you notice the problem, it is often too late: Rust in the fuel tank and fuel lines. And this repair is really expensive. You can save this money with our additives. These reliably protect your fuel system against corrosion, whether it’s a car, classic car, commercial vehicle, motorcycle, motorhome or boat.


How does corrosion occur in the fuel system?

It's easy to use: The corrosion is the result of water contained in the fuel. This can be caused by water condensation on the inner walls of the tank, contaminated fuelor carelessness when filling the tank. The longer a vehicle is not moved, the more condensation can form in the system. Seasonal and irregularly moving vehicles are therefore particularly affected.

In the laboratory, the so-called steel finger test shows how quickly rust can form. For this test a steel rod is suspended in a glass containing naphtha, to which ten percent water has been added. Then the glass is placed in an oven at 60 °C. After only 24 hours the steel rod is covered with rust.

But the test results are quite different when the recommended quantity of LIQUI MOLY additive is added to the naphtha. After 24 hours, there is not a single rust spot on the steel finger. The additives form a film on a molecular level that is deposited on metal surfaces. This film protects the metal from the corrosive substances.

These additives provide a remedy

Cars, classic cars, campers and commercial vehicles

In the automotive, classic car, camping and commercial vehicle sectors, our Super Diesel Additive ensures ideal corrosion protection for diesel engines and our Injection Cleaner or Petrol Stabilizer for petrol engines when shutting down for longer periods.

Motorcycle, quad bike, cart and scooter

In order to protect the motorcycle tank from rust, the Motorbike 4T Bike-Additive and Motorbike 2T Bike-Additive should be applied regularly as well as the Motorbike Petrol Stabiliser during seasonal deactivation.


Our Marine Super Diesel Additive for diesel engines and Marine Gasoline System Cleaner for petrol engines and Marine Gasoline Stabilizer for decommissioning ensure reliable and lasting protection for boats.