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Our oil additives to combat engine wear and tear

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Oil Additive, Motor Protect and Cera Tec: key facts about our three specialists for wear-and-tear protection

Added protection for the engine – this is what our three oil additives do to combat wear and tear. What they have in common: they are all motor oil additives that reduce friction. This impacts positively on fuel consumption as well as wear and tear. For example they protect the engine from early piston seizure in the event of oil loss. Find out here which additive is required and when.

Mode of action of LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive

Basic physical protection with Oil Additive

Of all additives, this is our classic product and the first one we put on the market. Still available after 60 years, it now features an improved formula. It contains MoS2, the abbreviation for molybdenum sulfide: this is a graphite-like substance that acts as a solid lubricant.

  • The MoS2 forms a highly resilient lubricant film on all surfaces subject to friction and movement.
  • It reduces friction and ensures the components run more smoothly.
  • Metal to metal contact is avoided, thereby protecting the engine from wear and tear.

Who needs it: The economical basic protection for older vehicles and vintage cars.

Oil Additive

  • absolutely compatible with filters
  • increases smooth operation
  • outstanding emergency-running properties
  • highest thermal stability
  • no deposits
  • miscible with all commercially available motor oils
  • reduces running-in and operating wear
  • reduces oil and fuel consumption
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Chemical protection with Motor Protect

Motor Protect is a modern additive that does without solid lubricants entirely. High-pressure wear protection additives create a very thin film on the engine's sliding points that offers deformation and sliding capacity under wearing conditions.

  • It is effective for at least 50,000 km.
  • Motor Protect ensures optimum engine performance and smoother running.
  • Other key benefits are a significant reduction in wear and prolonged engine service life.

Who needs it: Engine development is moving increasingly towards downsizing, which results in higher levels of pressure and temperature in the power unit. The chemical protection provided by Motor Protect is especially effective here. For this reason it is recommended for use in newer vehicles.

Motor Protect

  • increases smooth operation
  • highest thermal stability
  • highly economical
  • has a lasting effect
  • friction and wear reducing
  • reduces oil and fuel consumption
  • tested for turbochargers and catalytic converters
Cera Tec is a high-tech additive that combines the advantages of both Oil Additive and Motor Protect. The diagram shows how Cera Tec combines the two principles: a micro-ceramic solid lubricant and chemical reaction ensure optimum protection from wear and tear.

2 in 1: physical and chemical protection with Cera Tec

Cera Tec is a high-tech additive that combines the advantages of both Oil Additive and Motor Protect

  • Unlike Oil Additive, Cera Tec doesn’t use MoS2 as a solid lubricant but tiny ceramic particles instead.
  • These micro-ceramics are chemically and thermally highly stable, thereby creating a smooth-running effect and reducing fuel consumption.
  • The effects of Cera Tec last for up to 50,000 kilometers.

Who needs it: The 2 in 1 combination for everyone who wants dual protection.

Cera Tec

  • excellent high and low temperature behavior
  • chemically inert
  • suitable for diesel particulate filters
  • increases smooth operation
  • stable under extreme pressures
  • compatible with fine filters
  • highest thermal stability
  • no deposits
  • long engine service life
  • miscible with all commercially available motor oils
  • reduces fuel consumption
  • reduces frictional losses
  • tested for turbochargers and catalytic converters