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Spring awakening with the LIQUI MOLY care series

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Free yourself from the stubborn dirt of the cold season and start the warm season with your vehicle shiny and well prepared.


The car spring clean is a recurring ritual. The lines at the car washes are long; everyone wants to see their car shine. Salt, sludge, dirt – it all has to go. The paintwork, rims and interior are all to be made beautiful for the summer and the chassis is to be sustainably protected. The LIQUI MOLY care series offers you the right tool for every application.

That’s why the spring clean is so important

Even those who don’t particularly value the outer appearance of their vehicle should give their vehicle a little care right about now. After all, the winter dirt often hasn’t only taken hold on the metal, but also in grooves, edges, on the underbody and in the motor compartment. Anyone who doesn’t thoroughly clean these areas is risking rust. On the other hand, if you regularly clean your car, then you are helping to maintain its value.

This is how you can make your car shine again

The wide range of LIQUI MOLY care products is the all-round carefree package for a beaming result. For example, the Intensive Car Cleaner and Special Rim Cleaner are ideal for treatment before the actual cleaning. The tougher deposits of dirt from the winter should be pretreated before going through the car wash.

The Car Wash Shampoo in combination with the Car Washing Sponge helps the friends of the hand wash to restore the old splendor. You can then get a real clear view after the cloudy weather with the Windshield Cleaner Foam.

And while we’re on the subject of windshields: From now on, the Windshield Cleaner will also replace the Windshield Frost Guard Concentrate for the summer.

In spring, it’s finally time for the convertible again! Before the first drive, we advise you to clean the fabric or plastic top thoroughly and gently with Convertible Soft Top Cleaner and then to protect it from dirt and weathering with Fabric Impregnation.

The reliable care for the interior

When cleaning and caring for the interior, it’s not just about looks, but also about hygiene. With Car Interior Cleaner, you can quickly and reliably remove stubborn dirt. A beautiful, matt-silky and dust-repellent gleam for the dashboard is also no problem, thanks to our Cockpit Care with a fresh fragrance.

The car seats, which are under great stress in everyday use, can be treated with Upholstery Foam Cleaner after vacuuming. Leather seats require particular care. After the moisture of winter and in preparation for the sun’s hot rays, we suggest using our Leather Care. This will keep your seats supple and firm for a long time without the leather becoming brittle.

Longer-lasting care thanks to proper preservation

LIQUI MOLY also offers a great choice for the aftercare and preservation of your vehicle: Polish & Wax is quick and lasting – ideal for everyday car care. It quickly and reliably cleans, polishes and conserves in one step. If you have a little extra time, then Paint Cleaner is a very good choice. It evens out slight scratches and removes dirt and weathered paint particles. Sanding paste 1500 and scratch remover 2000 can be used to even out scratches and remove weathered paint residues. The two numbers indicate the removal rate in terms of abrasive grit. Accordingly, the sanding paste can be used for particularly deep scratches in the clear coat and the scratch remover for superficial damage. Our hard & protective wax is then useful for sealing in the high gloss with intensive long-term care. With the regular use of these products, you will achieve the best paint care for your vehicle and prepare it optimally for any kind of weather.

No time for time-consuming preservation? With our Quick Detailer paint care, you can remove light soiling and give your car paint an optimum deep shine without tedious polishing, perfect for the first rays of sunshine in spring. With its long-lasting effect, it seals smooth enamels for several weeks. LIQUI MOLY Gloss Spray Wax is ideally suited for additional “in between” paintwork care. Light road grime and greasy dirt are removed effortlessly, quickly and without scratching. Exceptionally easy to polish off, produces smooth surface with high gloss and exceptionally good color depth on all types of paint and enamel. By the way, you can polish off and wipe down all care products lint-free with our Polishing Microfiber Cloth.

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