• 08/31/2022
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High-performance products for high-performance cars

LIQUI MOLY care products for long-term value retention of your mobile treasures

Where only the best is good enough, LIQUI MOLY automatically comes into play! Because, no matter what time of year: To ensure the long-term preservation of the value of your automotive treasures, proper care should be particularly important to you. This Audi R8 Spyder V10 with 520 hp and 540 Nm roaring from ten cylinders naturally also expects optimal care in winter. We show you LIQUI MOLY car care products that are ideally suited for this.

The second generation of today’s cult convertible from Ingolstadt accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds! After 11.8 seconds, the speedometer shows 200 km/h and this only ends at 318 km/h, says Audi. The maximum revs of the V10 is 7800 rpm. A real super sports car that demands really top products

Gloss Spray Wax

  • Offers a good cleaning effect and excellent gloss
  • Effortlessly removes light road dirt and greasy impurities
  • Produces a smooth surface with high gloss and exceptionelle good color depth on all types of paint and enamel
  • Reserves the paint againgst the effects of the weather

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Microfiber Cloth

  • Special Cleaning Cloth for removing dirt from almost all surfaces
  • Gives smooth surfaces a streak- and lint-free appearance
  • Used dry, it is also ideally suited for polishing off paint care products

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Hard Wax

  • Liquid hard wax for high-luster sealing
  • With intensive long-term protection
  • Cleans, shines and protects the paint against aggressive environmental influences

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Convertible Soft Top Cleaner + Fabric Impregnation

  • Convertible Soft Top Cleaner cleans soft tops quickly and thoroughly, even with stubborn soiling
  • Fabric Impregnation serves as optimal moisture protection and keeps the fabric supple an breathable
  • Protects against stein formation caused by oil, grease and dirt

Convertible Soft Top Cleaner
Fabric Impregnation

Insect Remover

  • For fast, effortless removal of insect remnants from glass, plastic, paint and chrome
  • Gently and quickly softens insect soiling
  • Also ideally suited for pretreating before a car wash

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Paint Polishing Cream

  • Cleans,polishes and protects 
  • For radiant shine through carnauba wax
  • Outstanding protection against demaging environments
  • Even out small hairline scratches an restores the finish gloss

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„Like new" Plastic Care

Unattractive winter deposits on the plastic? No problem thanks to our plastic »Like New«.

  • Protect, cares for and beautifies even extremely faded plastic parts
  • Ensures ideal plastic treatment
  • With excellent protection against aggressive environmental influences and UV radiation

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Car Cloth

  • For leathering off after a car wash
  • Especially absorbent and tough. Leaves no streaks or beading traces

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Awarded Quality

We are also successful beyond our core business: In the car care category our products made the second place in both german magazines Auto Zeitung and Auto Motor und Sport. Convince yourself!