• 05/23/2019

New LIQUI MOLY remedy against diesel bug

Successor formulation of the additive Marine Diesel Protect is highly effective and freely available

May 2019 – Diesel bug is a problem many boat owners have to contend with. This problem was recently joined by another: Due to a stricter EU directive, no commercially available products against diesel bug have been on the market since December last year. Until now, that is, because the German additive manufacturer LIQUI MOLY is launching its new Marine Diesel Protect as a product that meets the new requirements.

LIQUI MOLY has adapted the composition of the Marine Diesel Protect additive to comply with the stricter Chemicals Regulation. It can therefore be sold in self-service and by mail order to end users. Tom Lippmann, who is responsible for LIQUI MOLY at the German wholesaler Herman Gotthardt GmbH, is delighted: “Since the change in the law, many retailers have completely removed the old products from their product ranges. But this did not detract from demand. Accordingly, the additive with its new composition is set to conquer the market.” In fact, the first sales figures reflect a very high demand. “I've never had a product that sold so well on its own,” says Tom Lippmann.

Carlos Travé, who manages LIQUI MOLY’s worldwide marine business, sees the changed conditions as a great opportunity: “We are the only supplier to offer such a product, we are cheaper than the competition and, like its predecessor, the new Marine Diesel Protect has proven its effectiveness.”

Here LIQUI MOLY is employing a new strategy. The additive is currently the only non-enzyme based, over-the-counter product on the market. The Institute for Technical Microbiology, Dr. Jutta Höffler GmbH, tested the new Marine Diesel Protect in various concentrations according to ASTM E 1259-10 for bacteria, yeasts and fungi, the three typical causes of diesel bug. The additive had a rapid effect: While the microorganisms spread rapidly in the water-contaminated diesel without additive, no microorganisms were detectable in the additive-treated fuel after only seven days. And they did not even come back after 21 days.

The use of Marine Diesel Protect is particularly economical. Says Carlos Travé: “The additive is highly effective, even in small doses.” One liter of additive per 1000 liters of fuel is sufficient as protection against diesel bug. If the diesel bug has already spread, a dosage of 1:200 is enough to put an end to the problem. “Marine Diesel Protect is not only more effective, but also less expensive than other products, which need to be dosed in much higher concentrations to achieve the same effect,” says Carlos Travé.

In addition to its antibacterial effect, the additive cleans the fuel system, protects it from corrosion and boosts the cetane number. This makes the engine easier to start and quieter to run.

“Many boat owners will start the season with confidence, because they will be able to apply an effective remedy against diesel bug once again,” says Tom Lippmann.