• 11/20/2018
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LIQUI MOLY sets new sales record

German oil and additives specialist achieves record turnover of € 53.8 million in October

November 2018 - LIQUI MOLY rang in the last quarter of the year with a record result. In October, the company booked a turnover of 53.8 million euro. With that, the high reached eleven months ago is already history again. “Our overall concept and the wide product range are the cornerstones of this success,” said Ernst Prost, Managing Director of the oil and additives specialist from Germany.

53.8 million euro is the strongest month in the company’s history and 34 percent more than in October 2017. “We are well-positioned in every respect and that pays off,” emphasizes Ernst Prost. This includes a sales force that serves many channels. Another key factor is the very large variety of products. ’“You simply can’t have an unbalanced portfolio, because the demand for certain products may suddenly drop off.” LIQUI MOLY has therefore taken timely measures to remain firmly on the road to success, even in economically turbulent times.

Part of this package of measures is the continued expansion of the export business. Although the company is growing in its home market, growth is only possible there through competitive displacement. Other regions and countries offer far more potential. LIQUI MOLY also sells its products in Mali, and even in Yemen. “Outside of the direct war zone, there’s such a thing as a normal life,” Ernst Prost adds.

Further record sales this year would be welcome but are hardly to be expected. “Experience shows that in November and December we tend to achieve moderate figures,” says the Managing Director. Nevertheless, he is confident that half a billion euros in sales will be on the books at the end of the year - just as in the previous year.