• 04/10/2019
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The vintage heart beats for LIQUI MOLY

Readers of the German vintage car magazine 'Motor Klassik' vote LIQUI MOLY the best motor oil brand

April 2019 – Those with a soft spot for vintage cars often also have a soft spot for mechanics. They know their way around an engine and their opinions carry real weight. "For this reason we are very proud that the readers of Motor Klassik have voted us the best motor oil brand," says Ernst Prost, LIQUI MOLY CEO.

The German magazine "Motor Klassik' asked its 320,000 readers to name their best motor oil brand. 69.1 percent voted for LIQUI MOLY, a clear lead over Castrol and Mobil which came next. The magazine has been asking their readers this question for the past eight years. And every year LIQUI MOLY comes out on top of the vintage lovers' podium.

"This is not something we take for granted," says Ernst Prost. "Day after day, year after year, we work hard for the highest quality products and services." LIQUI MOLY has a separate product line for vintage cars which comprises four oils. Two single-grade oils with SAE 30 and 50, a 20W-50 multi-grade oil, and an SAE 50 single-grade oil purely for vintage bikes. LIQUI MOLY's vintage oils are specially formulated to suit the vintage mechanics and be easy on the materials that were used back then.

This accolade from the readers of Motor Klassik is the latest title in a long line of reader votes won by LIQUI MOLY over recent weeks in German language magazines Auto Zeitung, Auto Bild, Auto Motor und Sport, Motorsport aktuell and Motorrad.