• 05/19/2017

Cool in rough terrain

LIQUI MOLY presents its new motor oil for ATVs
May 2017 – all-terrain vehicles, ATV for short, are built for use in every terrain. The German motor oil and additive expert LIQUI MOLY has developed the ATV 4T motor oil 5W-50 for ATVs, quads and side-by-side vehicles. A special lubricant, as vehicles used away from the road put a lot more strain on their motor.

ATVs, quads and SxS (side-by-side) are also suitable for the road. But the fun factor on cross-country drives is something else entirely. Not until there is proper dust does an all-terrain vehicle really come into its own. And that is precisely the crux of the matter, underlines David Kaiser. He heads the Research & Development department and application technology at LIQUI MOLY: "Dust and sand can increase the dirt ingress and this, in turn, increases wear on the motor."

The airflow is another factor that plays a role in oil development. Away from the road, progress with the vehicle is slow. And so is the airflow. "That's why the cooling is considerably worse than on the road and the thermal load of the motor oil is significantly higher," explains David Kaiser.

An extreme requirements profile, to which LIQUI MOLY has tailored the ATV 4T motor oil 5W-50. For example, the additive components are put together in such a way that they protect the motor against wear in even the most extreme conditions and keep it at its best. And so the vehicle is ready to go off-road at all times.