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Optimize your tire and wheel change business


Tire mounting, leak detection or simple wheel change incl. cleaning: Our products designed for the workshop make everyday work easy.

Tire and wheel changes are an integral part of daily business in every workshop. Because tires that are too old or even damaged represent a considerable safety risk for your customers, something they are often unaware of themselves. However, the selection of the right tires and their correct fitting are also crucial for driving safety and driving comfort. Improper wheel and tire changes, as well as wrong or excessively old tires, can lead to accidents and increase wear on the tires as well as on the entire vehicle.

Don't take any risks – and make your work easier: With our professional products, you can ensure smooth wheel and tire changes.

Tire mounting

If too much force or unsuitable tools are used when fitting tires, the tires can quickly be damaged. For tires with a reinforced carcass, such as UHP and run-flat tires, fitting is made even more difficult, as even more force must be applied.

Use Tire Fitting Paste (also available as Tire Fitting Spray) for quick and easy fitting and removal. It provides very good gliding properties, is chemically neutral in contact with rubber and metal and improves the tightness of tubeless tires. In addition, no visible residue remains on the tire edges. Tire Fitting Paste is particularly beneficial for regular tire changes, as it lasts longer and is therefore more cost-effective.

Tire Repair Spray

Inconspicuous and yet very dangerous. Leaks at valves or minor damage caused by pointed or sharp-edged objects on the roadway often go unnoticed but are extremely hazardous to safety. The pressure loss is usually only noticeable over a longer period of time, i.e. only when the vehicle has already left your workshop again. In addition, the damaged areas are often difficult to locate.

With our special Leak Finder Spray, as a space-saving and handy alternative to a water bath, you can quickly and easily find leaks on the tire or valve. Whether only when a loss of pressure is detected or already as a preventive measure after installation, you can save a lot of time with the efficient search for leaks, which means that you can optimize your service and tire repair. To do this, spray the Leak Finder Spray onto the tires and easily detect leaks through the formation of bubbles.

A little tip for your customers in the event of a breakdown:

In the event of pressure loss due to tire damage, our tire repair sprays for cars, motorcycles and even bicycles provide quick and easy help on the spot. They seal flat tires and also reinflate them.

To do this, your customers must completely deflate the tire, connect the spray to the valve of the tire and spray in the contents of the can. The spray works with all types of tires, with and without a tube. However, these sprays should not be used if the inner tube is slit open, if the tire has slipped off the rim, or if the casing is torn open at the side. The tire can then be easily repaired later.

Tire Repair Spray is not a permanent solution! It serves as a quick fix only for driving to the nearest workshop.

Changing wheels

Especially in winter or in regions with high air humidity, changing a wheel can be difficult. If corrosion forms between the wheel hub and the rim due to (salt) water corrosion, the wheel can only be detached with great force. This costs effort, time and nerves.

Prevent corrosion or oxidation between the rim and wheel hub by using our Wheel Hub paste preventively. This allows you to loosen the rim quickly and easily, even after a long period of time.


Without professional cleaning, brake abrasion particles and dirt can become permanently embedded in the rim and burn in. In addition, the residues promote corrosion on the rims, especially in winter. That’s why professional wheel washing should not be missing from your professional service package.

We make it easy for you to maintain the value of the wheels by using special cleaning agents, such as the Acidic Rim Cleaner especially developed for workshops.

Another positive side effect: With the cleaning service offered when changing a wheel, you win considerable points with your customers.