• 09/19/2019

The small do-it-yourself air conditioning cleaner

LIQUI MOLY Klima Refresh eliminates unpleasant odours in cars

September 2019 – If your air conditioning system is bringing not just cool air into the vehicle but stink and fumes too, it's time to act. The new Klima Refresh by German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY enables drivers to take care of the problem themselves. The product eliminates unpleasant odours without having to dismantle anything.

It’s easy to use: run the engine, switch on the air conditioning, set to circulating air, close all windows, place the can in the footwell, activate it and then leave the vehicle. The can empties slowly and the running ventilation distributes the spray mist in the ventilation ducts, ensuring it gets to the vaporiser of the air conditioning system. Highly effective surfactants clean the vaporiser by loosening the dirt film and draining it off with the condensation water. In this way, they tackle the odour problem at its source. The application is complete after ten minutes. Instead of a smell of stale air, there is now a fine citrus fragrance.

The spray mist is so fine and so effective that the small amount provided is entirely sufficient for a car. This also means that less propellant gas is required. In order to ensure the can releases all its contents into the air stream and not into the doormat because it has tipped over, the packaging can be transformed into a stable stand. In this way, the narrow can reliably remains in an upright position.

The application is so straightforward that drivers can do it themselves. There is no need to dismantle the pollen or dust filter. Of course, this small do-it-yourself air conditioning cleaner is not as thorough as a professional clean in the workshop. But it’s faster and costs less. If the air is not better after the procedure is complete, it will indeed be necessary to call in the professionals.

Whichever option you choose – doing it yourself or taking the car into the garage – one thing you should never do is to ignore the problem. The stale air not only smells bad, it can also endanger your health. This is because it is caused by bacteria and fungi that have spread in the air conditioning system. Inhaling them can cause allergies.