• 11/13/2020
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Sports car drivers continue to rely on LIQUI MOLY

For the fourth time in a row, readers of German Sport Auto magazine vote the lubricant specialists the best oil brand

For drivers of sporty cars, the vehicle is more than a means of transport. Only the best is good enough for its care. This also applies to the motor oil. This is how readers of German Sport Auto magazine see it, who voted LIQUI MOLY the best oil brand for the fourth time in a row. “In a highly competitive market with many strong competitors, being the best brand without interruption is a particular success for us,” says Marketing Director Peter Baumann.

“As a rule, the readers of Sport Auto deal with vehicle technology more intensively than other car drivers do. That’s why they know how important the quality of a motor oil is, especially for vehicles with extremely high performance,” says Peter Baumann. Despite the fact that, unlike some other vehicle components, motor oil cannot be experienced directly – because once it is filled, it does its job in secret – tech-savvy drivers pay close attention to the lubricant. After all, it is crucial for the operational reliability and value retention of the engine.

Even in professional motorsports, motor oils are used that are available in this top quality at retailers for everyone. “This continues to fascinate my colleagues and me, even after decades,” explains the Marketing Director. It is also due to the high quality requirements of the automobile manufacturers and the enormous speed of development in this area. “There are more than 250 grades of oil on the market in Germany alone. And today every modern vehicle is developed with its own oil formulation. The lubricant thus becomes a precisely fitting structural part. Especially in motorsport, the team must be able to rely on every part because the load is enormously high.”

The oil proves itself on the race tracks and on the road; the brand at the point of sale – and that every day wherever LIQUI MOLY is found. Peter Baumann: “For us to succeed, all 1000 co-entrepreneurs do their best every day. This is the only way to ensure such success in the long term.”