• 10/26/2021

New oils from LIQUI MOLY

The chemicals specialist is expanding its Marine product range.

For boat diesel engines, many boat owners simply use oil that is made for commercial vehicles. Those oils may meet the required specification, but it is not optimal. On the water, the oil and the engine have to deal with challenges that trucks and construction equipment in this specific environment does not have to. That’s why LIQUI MOLY is now launching the Marine 4T Motor Oil 15W-40.

This is a mineral high-performance oil specially developed for boat engines. It contains a particularly high level of corrosion protection to keep the engine operating well even under adverse conditions. This reduces the risk of engine problems and expensive repairs. “Now we can offer the owners of boats with diesel engines a real alternative,” says Gary Driver, who is responsible for the marine business at LIQUI MOLY USA. “After all, they don’t set sail with an excavator.” Marine 4T Motor Oil 15W-40 is also suitable for some gasoline engines.

The second innovation by LIQUI MOLY is the Marine Single Grade SAE 30. This is a single-grade oil for older engines, for gasoline as well as for diesel engines. Its high alkaline reserve prevents corrosion even when diesel fuel with a high sulfur content is used. It is only mildly alloyed, so it can also be used in very old engines. This is important, because the oil technology should always be as old as the engine technology. “Synthetic oil in old engines does not lead to greater protection or better performance, but rather to problems if the old seals are not designed for the modern additive packages and are attacked by them,” explains Gary Driver. The Marine Single Grade SAE 30 is also suitable for transmissions that require a mineral oil with SAE 30.

If you are unsure of which oil is the right one for a particular engine, the oil guide at www.liqui-moly.com will help. Select the make, model and engine with just a few clicks and the right oil or oils will be displayed. “The oil guide is an excellent tool for retailers and shipyards as well as for boat owners,” says Gary Driver. “Putting in the wrong oil is like fitting the wrong replacement part.”

If a spare part cannot be installed, you quickly notice that something is wrong. This is different with oil, where all liquids can be filled into the engine. And, with the wrong oil, the consequences are usually not immediately noticeable because the engine initially keeps on running. The fact that wear and tear increases suddenly in the interior, that metal surfaces corrode, that deposits settle and that oil sludge forms is not visible from the outside. If expensive repairs are necessary later on, the connection with the change in oil is often not recognized. “Just because the oil works in secret, it is so important not to make any mistakes here,” says Gary Driver from LIQUI MOLY. “That’s why I recommend consulting our oil guide once more when in doubt. It only takes a few seconds and gives you peace of mind.”