• 09/11/2018

New for radiators and brakes

LIQUI MOLY: Relaunch of radiator antifreeze and brake fluids

September 2018 – the German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY expands its range of radiator antifreeze and brake fluids. "This underlines our aspiration to offer everything related to automotive chemistry in one place," says David Kaiser, Head of Research and Development at LIQUI MOLY.

The radiator antifreeze range has been expanded to include five products. "In so doing we are covering almost one hundred specifications from car, truck and motor manufacturers," explains David Kaiser. The relaunch also includes an improved design: the color coding makes it even easier to make the right selection.

"The name radiator antifreeze can sometimes cause confusion for the general public," says David Kaiser. Its main job is to protect the cooling system from frost damage but that is not all it does. It also ensures that the cooling water does not heat up too quickly and protects the entire cooling circuit from corrosion. "For this reason, even vehicles that rarely encounter minus temperatures should still have radiator antifreeze in their cooling water."

LIQUI MOLY is making its brake fluids available in more countries, including in Germany, where until now they have just been a niche product. And for those who want more, they are now available in larger containers.

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