• 10/25/2021
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Motorcycle chemicals at the EICMA

Oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY will be presenting its range of products for two-wheel vehicles at the motorcycle trade fair

LIQUI MOLY is one of the few manufacturers of additives created especially for motorcycles. These are chemical tools that can perform certain tasks faster, more simply and more cost-effectively than by mechanical means. In addition to its additives, LIQUI MOLY will be presenting its motor oils and other chemical products for two-wheelers at the EICMA motorcycle trade fair in Milan.
One example of additives are the LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Shooters. These are like are small energy bars for motorcycles. The additives come in small 80 ml cans – a size that is precisely tailored to the motorcycle tank. This means it is no longer necessary to find a place to store a half-full can of additive.
The Shooter range consists of five different products for different tasks. The Speed Shooter improves combustion and therefore acceleration, too. The 4T Shooter removes deposits in the fuel system, valves, spark plugs and the combustion chamber, thereby restoring the motorcycle to its the original performance. The Petrol Stabiliser Shooter ensures the petrol does not age as quickly during the winter break so that the engine runs smoothly again in spring. The Engine Flush Shooter does not go into the petrol but into the oil, just before the oil change. This breaks down dirt and deposits, which is then removed along with the old oil. The MoS2 Shooter is then added to the fresh oil. The small tube contains the solid lubricant MoS2, which reduces friction in the motor and protects it from wear. 
The Shooters are just some examples of the LIQUI MOLY motorcycle range. It includes other additives, a wide range of motor oils for four-stroke and two-stroke engines, fork oils, chain sprays, brake fluids, cleaning and care agents, also for leather combinations and helmets. For garages, there is also equipment such as drum racks, pumps and more. The motorcycle range includes over 100 products.
LIQUI MOLY has not only continuously expanded its motorcycle range in recent years. Sales in this segment have also increased more than total sales. “This year we will generate three times as much turnover as five years ago,” says Salvatore Coniglio, Export Manager at LIQUI MOLY. “This shows that more and more bikers are impressed by the quality we offer.” And not only that: professional riders also opt for quality from Germany. All Moto2 and Moto3 teams have been using LIQUI MOLY oil for years.
The EICMA is due to take place from 23 to 28 November. LIQUI MOLY can be found in Hall 13 at Stand Q70.