• 08/06/2020

LIQUI MOLY to become official sponsor of the Hahnenkamm Races in Kitzbühel

The German motor oil and additive producer LIQUI MOLY will be involved in alpine ski events, the world-famous Hahnenkamm Races, on the notorious Streif racecourse between 2021 and 2025.

At a press conference in Leipheim, the hometown of Ernst Prost, the Managing Director of LIQUI MOLY and Harti Weirather, former ski professional and owner of the internationally active sports marketing agency WWP (Weirather-Wenzel & Partner GmbH), signed the five-year contract for a partnership with the Hahnenkamm Races and the Kitzbüheler Ski Club. Ernst Prost sees the sponsoring activity as part of the aggressive marketing strategy of lubricant specialist LIQUI MOLY: “In recent months, we have invested an additional 18 million euro in our advertising efforts. The Hahnenkamm Races on the extremely challenging Streif course are a series of major international events that bring our LIQUI MOLY brand into living rooms all over the world. This complements our already strong commitment to sports sponsorship.”

“We have had consistently positive experiences with sponsoring winter sports. This will enable us to give our strong LIQUI MOLY brand even more presence. We are delighted that we are now partners of the Hahnenkamm Races. The downhill run is considered the most demanding course in the Alpine Ski World Cup. The circle of sponsors is a very select one. This shows what level we are at with our brand and our products,” explains Peter Baumann, Marketing Director at LIQUI MOLY.

The Swabian oil and additive manufacturer was able to record a respectable increase in sales of just under 3 percent even during the corona crisis, thanks to its proactive marketing strategy. “We are pursuing this strategy primarily for our partners and business customers. Workshops and dealers benefit from our positive brand image. Consumers look specifically for our products and can purchase them from our business partners,” emphasizes Prost. In the highly competitive oil market, LIQUI MOLY relies heavily on sponsorship and active advertising. “Customers associate positive attributes with our brand. In sport sponsorship, we reach a large number of people who are excited about sharing success and emotions with their teams and their athletes. LIQUI MOLY is a part of these emotions. We will profit from this in the long term all over the world,” says Baumann.

LIQUI MOLY now sells its products in 150 countries. “Our products are made for the most extreme conditions. From the Arctic ice desert to the savanna in Zimbabwe. At LIQUI MOLY, our customers only get the best quality Made in Germany,”  Ernst Prost confirms.