• 01/31/2018

LIQUI MOLY products approved by Mercedes-Benz Portugal

Mercedes and LIQUI MOLY have established a partnership agreement for the use of LIQUI MOLY products at the official workshops of the brand in Portugal. It allows all dealers of the brand to have access to LIQUI MOLY service products for use in their workshops.
"It is a very important step for LIQUI MOLY that reinforces its position as a premium brand but, above all, will be an added value for both companies, because what we offer to Mercedes workshops are solutions that allow a more effective work, with the highest quality and also more profitable, "explains Matthias Bleicher, general director of LIQUI MOLY Iberia.

Niels Kowollik, CEO and Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Cars in Portugal, adds: "We believe that this partnership with LIQUI MOLY will certainly reinforce our current offer of high-quality products. Our network of Authorized Workshops has thus another opportunity to serve our customers with the best for their cars."

The agreement includes an initial package of LIQUI MOLY products approved by Mercedes, many of them already approved even by the headquarters of the star brand in Germany. "The goal is to start working on some important references that make the difference in the day-to-day of a workshop and adapt and increase the range of products available over time," explains the general director of LIQUI MOLY Iberia.

In addition to quality, the proximity and customer support are key points at LIQUI MOLY and all Mercedes dealers will be visited, in coordination with Mercedes area managers, for clarification, demonstrations and advice by the LIQUI MOLY Iberia team.

LIQUI MOLY has produced a series of materials customized to this partnership, such as an own catalogue that will be distributed throughout the Mercedes-Benz Portugal network and a partnership welcome campaign. For this business are allocated professionals of LIQUI MOLY Iberia in the commercial area, technical support, communication and marketing.

LIQUI MOLY has a catalogue of more than 4000 products developed to offer quality, efficient and cost-effective solutions for workshops. Research and development investment is part of the Ulm based brand's DNA. LIQUI MOLY works closely with car manufacturers and, above all, responds to the real problems of the workshops, which requires a strong and incessant commitment to innovation.