• 04/29/2022

LIQUI MOLY launches Barrel and Gun Cleaner on the market

New product supplements the GUNTEC range of the lubricant specialist for hunters and sports shooters

Opinions differ about how often a weapon should be cleaned and cared for. But everyone agrees that it is definitely necessary. LIQUI MOLY, the lubricant professional, is launching a product in its GUNTEC series that is equally suitable for both care slackers and care enthusiasts: a new barrel and gun cleaner.

There are two major factions among gun owners: Those who prefer shooting to cleaning and those who clean and preserve their weapons with dedication and meticulousness. David Kaiser belongs to the first group. In his leisure time, he likes to roam around the range. In professional life, the hobby hunter is Head of Research and Development at the lubricant company LIQUI MOLY. It was there that he brought to life the new GUNTEC product Barrel and Gun Cleaner. “Care has a great influence on the functionality and value retention of a gun,” David Kaiser knows from his own experience. “Every shot leaves behind powder and combustion residues. These affect accuracy just as much as residues from the plastic or metal of the projectiles in the barrel.” The new Barrel and Gun Cleaner from LIQUI MOLY puts a stop to this.

The latest member of the GUNTEC family was developed and tested under practical conditions in cooperation with hunters and sports shooters. It is both effective and easy to use. To clean the barrel, the foam is sprayed in from the chamber end. The barrel is then closed and the weapon is set up with the barrel end facing downwards. The LIQUI MOLY expert advises an exposure time of 30 to 60 minutes. “That’s enough to remove traces of copper, tombac and gunshot residue. Then remove the foam with the loosened dirt using a piece of tow or cleaning felt. And while you’re on the job anyway, the rest of the gun can also be treated with the cleaner.” This is what David Kaiser and his team set out to achieve: a product for complete gun cleaning. And that is why Barrel and Gun Cleaner does not contain any acids, ammonia or oil additives. As a result, the new GUNTEC product can be used on almost all materials. These include wood, bluing finishes, stainless steel and plastic.

After cleaning, the weapon should be preserved. For this purpose, the graduate chemist recommends Gun Oil or Gun Care Spray from the GUNTEC range. After such good care, the weapon can be stowed away with a clear conscience.