• 10/29/2020
  • Company

LIQUI MOLY is again official sponsor of the World Handball Championship

Participation in the competition, which is to be held in Egypt in 2021, is aimed at increasing brand awareness for the oil manufacturer

The German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY continues to focus on international handball in its advertising activities. The company is the official sponsor of the World Men’s Handball Championship, which will be held in Egypt in January 2021. “This sport is an important part of our marketing menu. And the World Championship is the best piece. That’s why we will be back in 2021,” says LIQUI MOLY Managing Director Ernst Prost.

Two years ago, the blue-and-red logo could be seen during 96 matches at the tournament in Denmark and Germany. “Not only did we reach almost one million spectators in the stadiums, but we also brought our brand closer to many millions of sports fans on screens right around the globe,” says Ernst Prost. The new edition in North Africa will be held under special conditions. “Because of Covid-19, everything is possible: a World Championship with only a few stadium visitors, one without any spectators, or even a cancellation. Nobody can say for sure. But if the competition takes place, then certainly with LIQUI MOLY.”

Even in times when sporting events both large and small represent an organizational and financial risk, LIQUI MOLY stands by its commitment to a wide variety of sports. “After all, business life must continue and for us, advertising at live events is definitely part of it,” stresses the Managing Director of the lubricant specialist.

A special sporting feature is the extended field of participants. For the first time ever, 32 teams instead of 24 will compete in the World Men’s Handball Championship. “This means more preliminary matches and therefore more advertising time,” as Ernst Prost points out.

LIQUI MOLY traditionally has a strong presence in motorsport, currently in the MotoGP Motorcycle World Championship, including its own team in Moto2, and in touring car racing. "Because we want to appeal to sports fans beyond motorsport and make our brand better known, we also focus on other events. The World Handball Championship is one of them,” says the LIQUI MOLY boss. He adds that he was completely satisfied with the results of 2019 and was therefore also committed to the next title matches. “As a brand whose products can be purchased in 150 countries, the internationality of a world championship and the associated global media presence is a decisive criterion.” Whether it’s handball in the amateur area, at the highest national level, at European or World Championships – handball is not new territory for LIQUI MOLY. The calculation is simple; the result speaks for itself: More brand awareness leads to more sales.

The opening game will take place on 14 January. The final will start on 31 January. “What happens on the playing field describes well how we function as a company: quick action, full commitment, team spirit, and the will to be among the best,” says Ernst Prost.