• 02/19/2021

LIQUI MOLY boss voted Marketing Head of the Year

Despite the global crisis, Ernst Prost has succeeded in keeping the Ulm-based motor oil company on track with an unusual and inspiring management style – in particular with a countercyclical marketing strategy. As special recognition, he has now received the “Marketing Head of the Year 2021” award

The German trade magazine ONEtoONE looked for the most exciting, interesting and influential marketing minds in the country. The nominees included 20 people who were able to implement unusual, unorthodox and inspiring marketing campaigns despite difficult circumstances in the coronavirus pandemic. People who are driving the development of marketing and people who, as part of their work, have made a special effort to make the world a better place. In the end, Ernst Prost, Managing Director of the German lubricant specialist, prevailed in the readers’ vote. The readers were impressed by the social responsibility of the entrepreneur who, among other things, maintains three private foundations and only recently donated more than one million euro to charitable institutions to mark his 30th anniversary with LIQUI MOLY. And secondly, his aggressive marketing strategy, which has led LIQUI MOLY to worldwide recognition.

Ernst Prost invested heavily in the company right at the start of the pandemic. He doubled the marketing budget, donated products worth 5.5 million euro to rescue and relief organizations, hired 100 new employees during the crisis, and thus differs fundamentally from most other entrepreneurs. This countercyclical strategy has paid off. “While our competitors were paralyzed in shock, we moved past them. Thanks to our ad-hoc marketing campaign, our logo was visible everywhere. There was no getting around the global brand from the Swabian city of Ulm. But that’s not all, because marketing is more than advertising. Marketing is a corporate philosophy that runs through all areas,” he says. “We were always available, and despite hygiene concepts and working from home, we did not allow ourselves to be held back in offering our customers the best possible service,” Ernst Prost continues.

This courage to take decisions, the fighting and team spirit together with the social commitment of the LIQUI MOLY boss led Ernst Prost to win the coveted prize. The fact that all the investments also made a financial difference is demonstrated by the company’s turnover, which rose by 7.1 percent to 611 million euro in 2020.