• 10/27/2021

LIQUI MOLY achieves previous year’s turnover within ten months

Today, the Ulm-based lubricant specialist exceeded its total 2020 sales of 611 million euro. This had already represented an all-time high. In 2021, the company is heading for the highest sales growth in its history

“Are you up for a new record, a new milestone, and a very special and outstanding achievement?” With these words, Ernst Prost, Managing Director of LIQUI MOLY, motivated his colleagues at the beginning of October. The goal: Achieving the sales volume of the entire previous year in only ten months. The Ulm-based company repeatedly set new records over the past year. And today, the motor oil producer also cracked its own 10-month target: € 611 million in turnover. The company also set a new monthly record of €70 million in October. “Our company is healthy. And oils, additives and lubricants are the engine of the economy,” says Ernst Prost, proud and grateful for the team’s performance. Indeed, this milestone is more than a respectable achievement. Worldwide, raw material prices have risen to astronomical heights, and some are no longer available at all. Added to that, there is the global decline in travel and freight capacities. “All of this makes our down-to-earth and socially committed business extremely difficult,” says the LIQUI MOLY boss. Business agility seems to give the German medium-sized company with more than 1,000 employees an advantage. “We are able to adjust our course spontaneously. This also means that we are constantly evolving and working hard. Otherwise we will go under,” explains Ernst Prost. Success proves the company right. “Not only are our products used everywhere, but our customer service, our quality and our lived values are also appreciated. Coupled with our team spirit, fighting will and our strong branding, this is our secret to success. Now we are concentrating on the final spurt of the year and are hoping for the next record. The highest sales growth. As always, we are not resting on our laurels, but are stepping on the gas,” concludes Managing Director Ernst Prost.