• 07/20/2016

Invisible fiend in the fuel tank

Corrosion in the fuel system is not necessary – LIQUI MOLY offers reliable protection
July 2016 – By the time you notice the problem, it is often too late: Rust in the fuel tank and fuel lines. And then repair gets really expensive. Money you can easily save - with additives from LIQUI MOLY. They protect the fuel system reliably against corrosion.

How can components in the fuel system corrode anyway? This corrosion is the result of water contained in the fuel. This can be caused by water condensation on the inner walls of the tank, or contaminated fuel or carelessness when filling the tank. In the laboratory, the so-called steel finger test shows how quickly rust can form. For this test a steel rod is suspended in a glass containing naphtha, to which ten percent water has been added. Then the glass is placed in an oven at 60 °C. After only 24 hours the steel rod is covered with rust.

But the test results are quite different when the recommended quantity of LIQUI MOLY additive is added to the naphtha. Here not one single speck of rust is visible after 24 hours. This applies for the diesel additives (Super Diesel Additive, Diesel Protect) as well as the fuel additives (Fuel Stabiliser, Fuel System Cleaner). These additives form a film which covers and protects the metal surface at the molecular level. This film protects the metal from the corrosive substances.

The longer the boat is laid up, the more important this corrosion protection becomes. Here regular use of the LIQUI MOLY additives ensures reliable protection for long-term maintenance of the engine value.

LIQUI MOLY GmbH from Ulm in South Germany offers a wide range of high-quality products such as motor oils, additives, vehicle care products and service products. The range includes some 4000 items. LIQUI MOLY develops and tests their products in their own laboratories, manufactures exclusively in Germany and markets all of their products themselves. LIQUI MOLY was founded some 50 years ago and is now one of the leading companies in the industry. The products are sold in Germany and in 120 other countries.