• 09/06/2018
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First global LIQUI MOLY advertising campaign

A billion contacts in 128 countries

September 2018 – For the first time in its history, the German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY is launching a global advertising campaign. A billion contacts are reached on the internet and on Facebook. "We are telling people that LIQUI MOLY is the oil brand that the car drivers in Germany have chosen as the best," says CEO Ernst Prost. "This allows us to boost demand for our dealers around the world."

The adverts are played out via the Google network, Facebook and Instagram. They are available in 50 languages and will be visible in 128 countries. Associated with it is a competition, in which trips to Malaysia, the USA and Germany, each including a visit to the MotoGP Motorcycle World Championship, are available as prizes. "With it we are going to greatly increase our brand recognition – particularly in countries in which LIQUI MOLY is not yet very well known," says Ernst Prost.

It is the first time that the oil and additive specialist is launching a global campaign. One billion contacts means the biggest audience that LIQUI MOLY has ever reached. The campaign will be centrally run and paid for from Germany. "Our business partners in the individual countries are welcome to click on the campaign," says Ernst Prost.

The core message is that LIQUI MOLY has once again been voted the best oil brand by readers of numerous German car magazines. "The campaign is also an invitation to get to know LIQUI MOLY better," says Ernst Prost. "We stand for quality made in Germany. We exclusively produce our oils and additives in Germany." The start of the campaign is in October.