• 08/17/2018

DanVolt presents LIQUI MOLY’s Marine Line at Southampton Boat Show

Motor oils, additives, other chemical helpers and a useful cleaning device for engines

August 2018 – At the Southampton Boat Show, DanVolt presents the Marine product line of LIQUI MOLY. “LIQUI MOLY has more than 60 years of experience with internal combustion engines and their Marine product line greatly benefits from this knowledge”, says David Ballantyne, owner of DanVolt.

LIQUI MOLY’s core business is oils and additives for cars. In their domestic market Germany, car drivers vote LIQUI MOLY best oil brand for many years in a row. Based on this background the company developed a full range of chemicals especially for boats.

The most important product groups on water as well as land are motor oils and additives. In the field of motor oils LIQUI MOLY's line includes several types of oil for four-stroke and for two-stroke engines. The line covers the following specifications, among others: NMMA FC-W, NMMA TC-W3 and Volvo VDS-3. The researchers at LIQUI MOLY have developed entirely new motor oils for marine applications, because the requirements and application profile for marine engines are different than for automobile engines.

The same applies for additives. These include a diesel fuel stabilizer, which protects the fuel from aging and oxidizing when not in service, improves the Cetan number and thus the combustion and simultaneously removes deposits in the injection system. Marine Diesel Bacteria Stop protects against a frequent threat: diesel sludge. If water is present in the fuel, whether from water condensate on the inner walls of the tank or poor fuel quality, it deposits at the bottom of the tank. Certain bacteria, molds and yeasts can proliferate at the interface between the water and diesel fuel. They form a viscous sludge, which clogs the fuel filter and lines and corrodes the fuel system. Marine Diesel Bacteria Stop is a highly effective biocide, which kills microbes in an infested tank. In weaker concentrations it can also be used on a preventative bases to keep infestation from getting started.

DanVolt will also showcase a brand new device which thoroughly cleans boat engine: JetClean Tronic II. As soon as an engine is running, combustion residues are created that get stuck on the injection nozzles. This means the fuel is no longer as finely atomized. A loss of performance, increased fuel consumption and even more combustion residues are the consequences. The intake system also suffers. The dirt ends up here, on the one hand, through the exhaust gas recirculation and, on the other, through the crankcase ventilation.

These deposits are particularly quickly and thoroughly removed with the JetClean Tronic II. Once connected to the injection or intake system, the device pumps in the cleaning additive developed in-house. This allows a concentrated and effective removal of the deposits. There are four additives for the JetClean Tronic II: One each for the injection and intake system and one each for the gasoline and diesel engine fuel systems. The cleaning process itself is monitored by the device.

The JetClean Tronic II is attached to the engine battery. Because no external power supply is required, the device can be used anywhere. After cleaning the engine again offers its original performance, the service life of the injection system is extended and the danger of engine problems is reduced.

In addition to motor oils and additives LIQUI MOLY also supplies transmission fluids, care products and special developments such as winch grease, a synthetic, resin and acid free heavy duty PTFE solid lubricant, just to name a few. “The philosophy of LIQUI MOLY is to offer all kind of marine chemicals just from one single source”, says David Ballantyne. “No need to handle multiple suppliers anymore.” LIQUI MOLY's research and development as well as production are all accomplished exclusively in Germany.

DanVolt presents LIQUI MOLY’s Marine product line at the Southampton Boat Show. The exhibition is open from 14th to 23rd of September. DanVolt can be found at stand J067.

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