• 05/06/2022
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Automotive chemicals for professionals at the UK Garage and Bodyshop Event

More than oils and additives: LIQUI MOLY presents at the exhibition chemical tools for workshops as well as two special tools

Although LIQUI MOLY is primarily known for its oils and additives, the company offers much more than that, especially for workshops. On the one hand, these are chemical tools that make the everyday work of professionals easier while, on the other hand, they include devices that workshops can use to offer new services. All of this can be seen at the UK Garage and Bodyshop Event in Birmingham.

With the Pro-Line, LIQUI MOLY has its own range of additives and service products exclusively for workshops. This extends from Engine Flush to remove deposits from the oil circuit, Throttle Valve Cleaner to expel typical dirt from the intake and throttle valve area, right through to specialists such as the Injector and Glow Plug Dismantling Aid, which can be used to gently loosen even stubbornly stuck injectors.

In total, there are several dozen products that are reserved exclusively for workshops. “These are extremely useful chemical tools that every professional should have in their toolbox,” says Tim Keller, who is responsible for the British market at LIQUI MOLY. “They make many jobs faster, easier and more cost-effective than mechanical repairs would.”

Two special appliances can be used to boost sales. Firstly, the all-new Gear Tronic III, which makes the complicated and error-prone oil change in automatic transmissions a simple and unproblematic job. On top of this, it is not only possible to change the automatic transmission fluid, but also to clean the transmission so that it shifts noticeably better afterwards. “The Gear Tronic III opens up new sales opportunities for workshops that have previously shied away from changing the automatic transmission fluid,” says Tim Keller.

The second device is the JetClean Tronic II. This unit enables particularly intensive cleaning of the injection systems of petrol and diesel engines. “Modern engines are sensitive to contamination. This degrades performance and increases fuel consumption. The older the vehicle and the higher the mileage, the more clearly the car owner will feel the difference after cleaning,” explains Tim Keller. “With the JetClean Tronic II, workshops can offer a special service, set themselves apart from competitors, and therefore generate more sales.”

The UK Garage and Bodyshop Event will take place on 8 and 9 June at the NEC in Birmingham. LIQUI MOLY will be found at Stand C52.